Military Success Network serves as a resource for service personnel, their families, colleagues, friends and employers.

It is a forum, a support and a record of the many and varied successful transitions they make as they re-integrate into civilian life and perhaps new roles.

“MilSuccessNet” has posted blogs written by Nathan Brookshire, and military history notes written by Marius Tecoanta. 

They co-authors of a historical fiction novel:  Hidden Wounds: A Soldier’s Burden.

Love, travel, family matters, silent ravages of war and redemption all feature in this engaging story of an American family and their German counterpart. The story finds them in and out of the  shadow of World War 2 on their generations.

Military Success Network is edited by Helena Kaufman, a business writer and communications  trainer who has rallied to learn new “tech”niques as “web word wrangler and photo fitter”  to make this site happen each week. She has committed to its growth as a reliable, entertaining and useful resource.

Guest bloggers have joined us in our mission to bring what is positive and productive and will soon be featured with their own by-lines and points of view.

Our mission is to meet the challenges and the every day victories that attend the transitions from:

  • Military to civilian life
  • Military to the new economy

Call it “integration, transition or change” but the adjustment to the domestic, economic and education needs and opportunities is real and may need us to call on resources to boost the effort.

H.U.A. We believe in military men and women, and those who work, live with, study with and care for them being:

Heard   –    Understood   –   Acknowledged

Resources to help you in your professional quest will be shared as we connect with them. Find them on our “Go To” page.

Look for reviews of books, movies and other media of interest.

Our entire team is undergoing transition and growth along with Military Success Network readers and contributors – men, women, Americans, Canadians and many occupational interests to boot!

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