White Christmas movie classic transition tale

White Christmas theatrical release poster Why is military to civilian transition like a white Christmas? And by that we mean THE White Christmas, the largest grossing American movie musical of its day in 1954.

The consensus of the military members MilSuccessNet asked to reflect on the perennial favorite is summed up as follows: [Read more…]


Living la Vida the Navy SEAL way

8 lessons from a 31 day up close and personal life refit of one civilian & his Navy SEAL trainerOne, super successful, already unafraid to shake things up American male, Jesse Itzler, felt he needed a clarion call to change in his life. So he hired a U.S. Navy SEAL to live with him-for a month. Oh, yeah. He got the expected early get your butt out of bed call plus 7 more big life tips share here as part of MilSuccessNet’s WoW – Words on Wednesdays.

The article posted by Inc. writer @BillMurphyJr is found below.

‘The SEAL’ as our warrior trainer is referred to, remains anonymous and was in transition out of military service at the time of his newly contracted 31 day duty.

The average reader of humorous, lifestyle and fitness books should be forewarned just by the headline, what is expected of a person committed to following the advice of a Navy SEAL.  (HK

Want to Lead a Truly Exceptional Life? A Navy SEAL Says Always Do These Things [Read more…]


Enlisted & M.A.S.H. Humor & Warrior roles

Enlisted! is on its critical 3rd air date after the pilot episode. Will it be chopped? Or, will it survive to serve up weekly TV fun to its military and civilian audience? Some might even hope the guffaws might bridge the gap between those camps.

cast of mashOne MilSuccessNet team member shares the impact of another, groundbreaking military themed show. It was an imperfect depiction that was somehow the right dose of military medicine to help heal America at the time.

That weekly ‘sitcom’ let us all pretend that one, older war was actively being fought in our living rooms. Meanwhile, so many veterans were just beginning to crawl out from under the crush of a much fresher war, and trying to find their way ‘home’. [Read more…]


Dan Cooper’s Thanksgiving flight of fancy

On November 24, 1971, Dan Cooper a.k.a. D. B. Cooper purchased a one way ticket from Portland, Oregon to Seattle. This name was actually just a cover as part of this enterprising gentleman’s plan for an unusually memorable Thanksgiving for himself.

1972 F.B.I. composite drawing of D. B. Cooper

1972 F.B.I. composite drawing of D. B. Cooper

No strict security screenings existed at the airports 41 years ago. Passengers and their carry-on baggage screening only began in 1973. Thus, Cooper had no difficulty in bringing on board a bag containing a contraption with wires and cylinders that looked like or could have been an explosive device. [Read more…]


A book & a birthday support healthy lives at Valhalla

Warrior Police, the book by Gordon Cucullu

Cucullu’s 3rd book’s proceeds earmarked for Valhalla

WoW notes Words on Wednesdays of military supporter, Chris Fontana who co-wrote the book Warrior Police with Lt. Col (Ret.) Gordon Cucullu. Proceeds from the book were earmarked for The Valhalla Project and now Chris is hoping you’ll join in celebrating the start of her upcoming half century and contribute to Valhalla directly.

She is marking her 50th birthday very publicly via a Crowdrise campaign. The idea is to have the letters, cards, gifts and even good-hearted teasing that come with this birthday, delivered as funds to improve conditions for both the warrior and the critter participants of The Valhalla Project. [Read more…]


Star Spangled Banner written this day in 1814

It’s Friday the 13th but our day here at base camp MilSuccessNet ‘unfurls’ magnificently today in full and glorious color and in tune!

Portrait of Francis Scott Key writer of The Star Spangled Banner

Francis Scott Key

It is the day that inspired the man who wrote the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner. Francis Scott Key, a poet and a lawyer, penned the famous stanzas in 1814.

His words added to the beautiful tune, stir tremendous loyalty. The notes that follow were taken directly from the Writer’s Almanac. In a sense, this small poem became the soundtrack to a transition by a nation moved, musically, to great patriotism… [Read more…]


Pin-Up star raises spirits and funds for Veterans’ care

Pin-Ups for Vets logo WoW has gone wordless, almost. This Wednesday a different kind of book is featured. And, it’s going to go into two parts, not just because the photos include a fold but because there is that much to say about Pin Ups for Vets and the work it does for transition in the military community. 

Yes, Pin Ups. You know, photos of lovely women smiling out at us. In this case, in the alluring outfits and clearly contrasting red lips and classic make up of the glam style circa the era of the 1940s. 

For Pin Up for Vets founder, Gina Elise, her current 50 state hospital tour has brought in person visits to 39 VA & Military hospitals in 24 states, so far. All in service to the calendar and what it’s meant to do: raise funds and spirits, in person, through purchases and sent as  gifts.
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A Republic State of Mind in San Marino


San Marino Coat of Arms with the single word motto: Freedom

As proud as we are of our ‘republican’ constitution in the United States of America, there is a nation out there that has been a republic well before us and has an older constitution. Abraham Lincoln was its honorary citizen. It might be hard to find it on the map even if you know where to look. But it is there. And it’s been there for the last 17 centuries. [Read more…]


Alaska settled on this day

On August 14, 1784, a group of hardy pioneers founded Three Saints Bay, Alaska’s first settlement, on Kodiak Island. The settlers did not come across the Atlantic, but across the Bering Strait. They were Russian fur traders led by Grigory Shelikhov.

Alaska's first settlement on Kodiak Island

Shelikhov’s settlement on Kodiak Island

The settlement had a short life. It was destroyed by an earthquake and its attendant tsunami in 1792. There was no turning back, however, as more fur traders and even orthodox monks sought to arrive at the new land.

Russians moved along the entire Pacific coast all the way to California, but British and American pressure limited the territory controlled by the tsars to what we know today as Alaska. [Read more…]


A Manifesto Does Not The Man Make

On July 25, 1792, the Prussian, Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, issued an ill-timed and uninspired warning to Revolutionary France. Known as ‘Brunswick Manifesto’, it threatened the Parisians with reprisals if the French King was harmed.

Unfortunately for spunky ol’ Charlie Brunswick, the French of the 18th century had not yet fully acquired the fear of the Germans.


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