10 reasons revealed for failure in Col. (Ret) Spain’s book: Breaking Iraq

In his book, Breaking Iraq – The Ten Mistakes That Broke Iraq, Colonel (Ret) Ted Spain writes it like it is. The book’s release on March 19 coincides with the 10th anniversary of the war in Iraq.

Col. (Ret.) Ted Spain

Col. (Ret.) Ted Spain

The top 10 reasons America ‘broke Iraq’ are expanded in the book substantially, including the personal involvement of its co-author. 

This listing by Colonel (Ret) Ted Spain for Military Success Network readers as a strong summary of its content.

Advance reviewer comment: “Breaking Iraq is essential material for everyone. If you haven’t read it, you must. And if you’ve read it already…read it again.” Colonel Jack Jacobs (Ret), Medal of Honor Recipient, and author of “If Not Now, When?”

The book’s foreword is written by Tom Ricks.

Transitions come and impact, people, campaigns, entire countries and the their future outcomes…Below, an excerpt from the interview with MilSuccessNet and Colonel Spain and his summary.. in his own words…..
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