From PTSD to daily life details Part 3

Teresa Grace’s story begins in earnest the recounting of the experiences of military men and women transforming their service in the armed forces into civilian life. Military Success Network (MilSuccessNet) profiles present people in transition. The generosity in sharing their experiences in guest blog posts and interviews, allow us all to learn from their challenges and to be inspired by their successes. We’ll also explore the personal and public resources that support their process.  

Teresa Grace now resides at Fort Hood, Texas as an Army wife and mother. Photo provided

Today’s 3rd (and longest) of the 4 posts is based on interviews with Teresa Grace (nee Broadwell) and Helena Kaufman in January of 2012. It covers:

  * army life
  * PTS defined and lived
  * friends lost and new strength found
  * reintegration experience and advice

Life as Teresa Grace knew it radically changed when she enlisted in the Army. She chose this path not long after graduating high school in Lewisville, Texas, instead of the modern-dance scholarship offered her to the University of North Texas.

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