5 Tips to adjust from military to civilian life (Part 2 of 2)

Retired Military couple Mary Elliot Raynor and her husband Glenn Raynor

Military couple (Ret.) Mary and Glenn Raynor

Mary Elliott Raynor shared her experiences of adjustment from military to civilian life  with us recently.  She and her husband Glenn have been retired from the military and active in civilian life for 20 years studying in colleges, living and working in several different cities and raising their two boys.

In her own blog, she writes about military life as a spouse, which began for her at age 18. She and Glenn are starting another round of experiences as military parents as their now grown sons   are serving in the Air Force. Both will be home for Christmas in 2012 in South Dakota.

Here are Mary’s top 5 tips to help families adjust to living in civilian communities after leaving the military lifestyle and locations. [Read more…]


Mil spouse on adjusting to civilian life

Meet Mary Elliott Raynor. A veteran Mil Spouse two times over as her husband Glenn served in both the army and the air force, she’s also a military mom.

Photo of Mary Elliott Raynor guest blogger on MilSuccessNet Check out her retro themed blog to learn more of her adventures and particular views. It’ll feel like a different world just visiting Mary’s page. As her “net-met” friend and “sister-Mil-spouse” (editor interpretations) author, Phyllis Zimbler Miller said to me when she introduced us in email, “No one can fully understand military culture unless they’ve experienced it.”

Mary E Raynor is a member of the Military Writers Society of America, but today, she’s our guest blogger. She was inspired to write this post after reading Jesse Hughes ‘s post on life with civilians.   [Read more…]