Who are you when you’re no longer in uniform?

Are we done yet with the season of  resolutions? Our lists of what we should do, change, improve, learn, stop, start? Can we now focus on our actual identity and how we want to BE rather than just do?

Guest columnist and military veteran, CW4 (Ret.) Shaun Collins explores how to be – when you find yourself on the civilian side of life. How to be – just a stone’s throw from your quarter century of service, carrying a rucksack full of memories and making your way through the transition zone. 

  • Part 1 – Asking: Who am I now?
  •                 And, how did I get here?
  • Part 2 – Answering to: What do you do?”

“If You Are What You Do – When You Don’t – You Aren’t”

by: Shaun Collins

Uniform2_thumbA few years ago, as I was retiring from the U.S. Army, I was asked by the Military Success Network’s leadership team to write about my preparation for the impending life change.  Although the preparation I engaged in was meaningful, I wish I had known about some of the emotional impact my retirement would have, especially on my identity. I could perhaps have better prepared for the mental and psychological perspectives  – both expected and not.

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End of deployment brings anxiety for spouse

Transitions are explored in WoW – Words on Wednesdays by folks connected to the military, writing about the transformative experience from a personal perspective or the experience of books of fiction and of biography.

Today, some direct advice from Pam and Shaun Collins. It’s reprinted from their mid summer column at their first writing base at Ft. Leonard Wood’s Guidon.

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Team Building Exercise a Trial in Transition

Team Building Exercise ’99*…in this post, Jesse Hughes finds his way from military to corporate life, via the corridor of college. His hallway pass is a desire to learn and adapt with the help of humor. (*See his musical choice below)

Jesse Hughes, MilSuccessnet guest blogger

Jesse Hughes, MilSuccessnet guest blogger

Catch up on Jesse Hughes’ registration to join student life  then read on about business school in his own words……..

 It’s all about teamwork

B-School was my transition out of the military; the first day of classes was my last day of terminal leave. Throughout school I stayed focused on the task at hand; doing the assigned readings, turning in assignments, researching different industries and companies for potential jobs; probably in that order. [Read more…]


Military Field to Family Home Transition (part 2)

“I give mad credit to women in the military who are mothers,” said Teresa Grace.

As our interview continued, Grace reflected on the fine balance that must be maintained to fulfill military duties and the daily details of family life.” [Read more…]


Return to Civilian Life Helped By Mindset

Military Success Network guest author Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Military life develops many life and operational skills. The transition from military to fulltime civilian family life combined with potential new occupations and daily community participation brings with it opportunities and challenges. Awareness, preparation and specific supports help military men and women return to civilian life. For starters, it requires an open mindset.

Military Success Network begins the guest posts from “people who have been there”  and done and learned “that”. Posts and articles will cover the process and the people and resources to boost success for those in transitions. What’s YOUR story? Do you see your self in this one? [Read more…]