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WoW-features two sets of Words on Wednesdays today:

Book influenced skills to survive student & civilian life.

Jesse Hughes recovers from part 1 with Lessons of Sunk Costs and then he recommends a book of value as he learned to navigate his newly civilian and student role:  

Sunk Costs, pt 1

The time Ms Tardy put into her proposed plan was truly a sunk cost.  She attempted to base a decision on expenditures that could not be recovered.  It’s tough to recognize when it’s your own idea, plan, opportunity but you have to learn to separate your work product from your sense of self and associate it with an outcome.  [Read more…]


Sunk costs and lessons to keep team progress afloat

One of our fave Go To ‘business guys’ on the MilSuccessNet guest writer roster is Jesse Hughes. We like that his point of view is a mash up of his military mindset and on the ground experience with the light infantry with his fresh look at business theory through the added lens of his Economics B.A. and an MBA.(Read his post on his college registration experience here)

Jesse Hughes (photo supplied)

Jesse Hughes (photo supplied)


His posts for our readers, offer a mix of business theory and practical examples as well as a parallel experience with his  military training. (Catch up on his bio here)

Most importantly is that like you, dear reader, he has expectations that have transitioned with him into the civilian world. See if you have some of these same thoughts, and let us know the solutions YOU have would suggest, or scenarious you experienced.

So now, what you need to know and might have been afraid to ask about Sunk Costs, in Jesse Hughes’ own words….

What is Sunk Costs? [Read more…]


Team Building Exercise a Trial in Transition

Team Building Exercise ’99*…in this post, Jesse Hughes finds his way from military to corporate life, via the corridor of college. His hallway pass is a desire to learn and adapt with the help of humor. (*See his musical choice below)

Jesse Hughes, MilSuccessnet guest blogger

Jesse Hughes, MilSuccessnet guest blogger

Catch up on Jesse Hughes’ registration to join student life  then read on about business school in his own words……..

 It’s all about teamwork

B-School was my transition out of the military; the first day of classes was my last day of terminal leave. Throughout school I stayed focused on the task at hand; doing the assigned readings, turning in assignments, researching different industries and companies for potential jobs; probably in that order. [Read more…]


The code on Army-civilian-army-student life transition

Some feel there’s a cultural divide between Military and Civilian circles. Guest writer, Jesse Hughes, who served in the US Army Light Infantry until 2002, talks about some of this ‘anthropological’ experience facing members in transition.

His posts on the journey from soldier to civilian citizen in the workplace are excerpts from a current, larger writing project.

Jesse Hughes, MilSuccessNet guest blogger

See what YOU would do in these first scenarios. Would you let your inner voice shout out what you feel or like Jesse, apply polite polish of understanding to negotiate that long corridor between military moves and new habits in civilian life?

My Time among Civilians: An Introduction

I was raised an Army brat and knew that the Army was where I wanted to be from before I could remember. ROTC through college secured that plan and I headed into the Infantry. But plans change and life throws curves, sometimes just the right kind of curves. [Read more…]