What to expect at a military ball

Our daring duo of etiquette and best advice on how to deal with a myriad of private life and public service situations talk protocols.  

In time for the formal military ball, Pam and Shaun Collins respond to this question originally posed by a Guidon reader. 

Questions you might have

Questions you might have

My first military ball is coming up quickly. I recently had a friend give me tips on what will happen. I’ve never been to one, so I have no idea what to expect. I was told about the receiving line and how not to greet the first person in line, etc. Seriously, what should I expect from this? My husband is not worried about it, but I am! I have a full back tattoo and ankle tattoos — can they be exposed? Can you guys give me a run through?

Military Ball Neophyte          ……and now….to the answers…
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