Sue Daigneault reveals process of “Writing Shadow”

Sue Dahlgren Daigneault, whose book, In the Shadow of a Mountain , was featured on our last  WoW-Words on Wednesday, takes us with her today, into the heart of her process. 

Edward Dahlgren MOH

Edward Dahlgren MOH

Her intimate sharing today, reminds us that warriors are not the only ones to experience transition from war, virtually over a life time. And, to be called on to meet the challenge of post traumatic stress.  

We asked if Ms Daigneault was impacted by the reliving of her father’s  painful transition from combat to home and civilian life after. As she explains, the transition cycle continued after his passing and then, unexpectedly through Daigneault’s own retirement and passage into yet another level of maturity and understanding.  

And now…… in her own words…. [Read more…]