Kelly Kennedy’s: They Fought for Each Other, is a testament to bonds of brothers in arms

Journalist and former soldier, Kelly Kennedy is the author of  They Fought for Each Other, the Triumph and Tragedy of the Hardest Hit Unit in Iraq.  The MilSuccessNet team had the privilege of hearing Kennedy speak a year ago in Denver at Sangria Summit, a military writers’ conference.

She took us all from the podium into the heart of her experience of the men whose lives are illuminated in this exceptional coverage of the unit who paid the heavy human cost of war. She was as honest about the situation that created those incredibly dark days and trauma as she was both loyal and protective of the warriors who got through their ordeals by virtue of their mutual caring for each other.

Kelly Kennedy, journalist and veteran

Kelly Kennedy, journalist and veteran

WoW features Kennedy’s book on this Words on Wednesdays to acknowledge the bonds of service members. Nations stood in honor of Veterans just a few days ago, so it feels right to note that what gets our nations’ warriors through is their caring for and protection of each other, day-to-day. [Read more…]