June 6: Hot Trivia Heads Up

Serious topics of  military interest served up with a light touch

In The Swim:

On the set of The Longest Day, the extras refused initially to jump from the Landing Craft Personnel boats. Their reason: the water was too cold. Luckily, Robert Mitchum led by example and the extras followed him.

In Denial:

When the Germans attacked at Belleau Woods, the French advised the Americans to pull back. US Marine Captain Lloyd Williams replied “Retreat? Hell, we just got here.”


On June 6 1812, the Canadians halted a US invasion at Stoney Creek. They built a monument and wrote a song about the battle. Way to rub it in, Canada!


The first electric iron was invented on June 6 1882 by H.W. Seely of New York. His revolutionary invention replaced the charcoal iron. We like to believe that his last words were “you’re welcome ladies”.

Marius Tecoanta takes history seriously, and makes it all the more memorable with humor. 

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