June 7: History Straight Up with A Karmic Twist

U.S. Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless dive bombers from the USS Hornet mid attack on the burning Japanese cruiser MikumaVeni, Vidi, Ouch: A fitting motto for Japanese Navy after the Battle of Midway. The Japanese tried to eliminate the American naval threat with another surprise attack. Their plan backfired. On June 7 the Japanese withdrew after heavy losses. It was the turning point of the WWII in Pacific.


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Argh, no!! Some of the inhabitants of the Jamaican city of Port Royal may have uttered these words on June 7 1692. That day, an unusually powerful quake destroyed the most famous pirate lair in the Caribbean. A tsunami followed the quake. The devastation was so complete, that Port Royal was never rebuilt.

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Karma is a bitch: On June 7 1893, a young Indian lawyer is thrown out of a South African train by the British officials after he refused to comply with the segregation rules. The Indian dusted himself off and went home (to India). Later he returned the favor by expelling the British through non-violent means. The lawyer’s name? Gandhi.

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Supplement at day’s end:

A short clip of the ceremonies commemorating The Battle of Midway aboard the USS Enterprise.

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