Lives and Deaths of Conquistadors

Not even Shakespeare could concoct such a story.

Francisco Pizarro Gonzalez died on June 26 1541. The daring conqueror of Incas reaped what he sowed.

The illiterate bastard son of a Spanish soldier, Pizarro looked across the Atlantic for opportunity. Inspired by the success of Hernando Cortes, in Mexico, he set his focus on the Incan Empire.Twice, he failed. In the effort, Pizarro showed the typical tenacity and ruthlessness of a conquistador. He tried again in 1532, with fewer than 200 Spaniards at his side and he hit the jackpot.

Atahualpa Last King of the Inca

Pizarro captured Atahualpa, the Inca ruler. He promised him freedom in exchange for a room filled with gold. When the Inca people complied with the request, Pizarro had Atahualpa strangled. Winner takes all mentality!

A border dispute between Pizarro and Diego de Almagro – a fellow conquistador and the discoverer of Chile – led to Almagro’s death. Some sources claim that Almagro asked for clemency and Pizarro told him to man up and well…take it like a man.

Three years later, Almagro’s son (another lad called Diego) surprised Pizarro and assassinated him. Pizarro took it in a manly fashion.
Diego himself was executed a year later. Oh, the joys and the hazards of being conquistadors…

Today’s Military Success Network nugget of history is dusted with the glory of gold and the scent of sins they committed to capture it.

 (Diego De Almagro, the elder is presented in the feature picture above)

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