Military Success Network Recognizes and Reports on Transitions

The “Military Success Network” presents the many faces of the American military. Through writing for and by the men and women of the armed forces, the site addresses what is involved in the transition experience of returning veterans.

It serves not only as a forum but also as a resource and constructive news and networking hub. The aim is to positively support armed forces veterans, their families, colleagues and employers. Upcoming posts will share the issues, programs and services related to veterans as well as personal stories of individual transformations and adaptations of military experiences to civilian life.

Stories of successful reinvention, re-entry and adaptation of skills by members of the armed forces will be featured. In keeping with the site’s spirit, a majority of articles will be written by military veterans, contractors, family and those who serve their many and varied interests.

The vision is for the Military Success Network to be an  ‘interactive’ forum and resource for its readers as possible. Tips, trends and the trials of the ordinary and the outstanding will be shared.

Sons, daughters and grandchildren of veterans who served in different wars and conflict zones may enjoy “Milhistory.” The stories of unlikely heroes,’ this day in history’ and the coverage of the events  their parents took part in will hopefully inform and entertain.

Guest bloggers are invited to share alongside the Military Success Network founders, Marius Tecoanta, Helena Kaufman and Nate Brookshire, to post on the H.U.A. Blog.

“H.U.A.”, the acronym, sums up the “heart and science” behind the trio’s mission on behalf of their readers:




Military Success Network is the second project the writing team has created together.

The first was the book “Hidden Wounds: A Soldier’s Burden.” Co-authored by Tecoanta and Brookshire, and edited by Kaufman, the historical fiction novel launched on Amazon on November 15, 2011.

The book, much like the “Military Success Network”, acknowledges the “back stories”  of real life families searching for resiliency now, so that they can (re)construct their futures.

It is a portal to the conversations that help to heal and to reintegrate men and women who have served their country. Fan feedback shows that, indeed, the stories opened discussions on the  emotional, physical and psychological traumas experienced by veterans as well as the toll on their families and friends. They’ve also shared how “their conversations” have moved them forward in life.

Military Success Network is a natural extension of  what happens after war. Beyond the “hidden wounds,” is the desire by veterans to  plan and experience recoveries of the practical kind that daily life requires, even after war.

The “MilSuccessNet” team is geared up to post stories WRITTEN BY and FOR MILITARY. The site connects individuals, families and organizations that are experiencing, meeting or supporting the challenges facing America’s long time and newly returning vets.

The Military Success Network’s message is to honor and to serve by helping others to be heard, to be understood and to be acknowledged as they (re)build their lives for their own and the greater good.

Helena Kaufman is curator, editor and the tech in-oh-so-slow training of Military Success Network. She’s edited seven books including Hidden Wounds: A Soldier’s Burden. 

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  1. This site, the Military Success Network serves as a resource for individuals and families in the armed forces and their colleagues, friends and employers.

    It is a forum, a support and a record of the many and varied successful transitions they make as they re-integrate into civilian life and perhaps new roles.

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