Moving from the Military to the Marketplace

Today is the first day of the rest of Will Coulter’s life.

That’s because yesterday, August 15, 2012 was his “official end of service” date.

Will Coulter enjoying civilian life in the heart of his family

Coulter Family (photo provided)

With accrued leave time, Will Coulter was free to begin building his post army life in the spring of 2012. Decisions had to be made on where he would now put his full energies.

How would he support his family now?
What kind of work could he and did he want to do?
Where were the programs to help?
Who would serve as a mentor or workplace partner?
When did each step need to be taken and in what order?

Coulter has agreed to let us shadow him and report back to MilSuccessNet readers from the road.

We’ll share in his journey as he transitions from life as military man to re-integrate and take his place in America’s market place as a civilian business owner.

“Following Will” on the road to reintegration, offers interviews, Will’s own posts, veteran and expert guest blogs and commentaries.

Oh, and those dispatches from the road? They’re a real road as well as the practical journey.

Every second weekend Will drives away from home, family and his new business duties to the University of Alabama. He’s enrolled in the Manderson Graduate School of Business taking his Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Together, we’ll get snapshots of the decisions as well as the options open to men and women transitioning out of military roles and taking up the challenge of civilian work-life balance.

“Following Will” will interest “military lifers” and those who served for shorter military careers, deployed overseas and stateside, at all levels. All of us face a similar challenge in the new economy – to find a place to make the best of our skills and our capabilities and to find personal satisfaction in the work, the studies or the business we choose.

MilSuccessNet invites veterans and the people who support them in career and home life transitions to share their stories, expertise and most especially their successes. Let’s look at all the steps and get the know-how and encouragement we need.

Will Coulter has generously given us this opportunity to check in with him on his progress. Along the way, we’ll expand on the step-by-step process with stories and support of veterans “returning and rebuilding.”

This is what  MilSuccessNet was established online to do.

The formal “Following of Will” began in June 2012.

That’s when Will Coulter became the owner of Araya Clean Property Services, as a franchisee for the Tennessee Area, out of his home base at Chattanooga.

By July, Coulter was setting up his business and his equipment. MilSuccessNet caught up with him on the road to his weekend MBA classes, the week before he began intense training in his new business.

Hang in and hear about what helped him on his road.

Fast facts for you on Will’s story:

• June 2012 Araya Clean Property Services
• Force Protection Officer U.S. Army
• Company Commander in the 101st Airborne Division
• Executive Officer of the 194th Military Police Company
• Platoon Leader in the 194th Military Police Company
• Jacksonville State University Bachelor of Science, Forensic Investigations 2001 – 2004

Will was also active with Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade and Army ROTC

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