Military wives mark Veterans Day with free gift of their novels

Military Success Network continues with posts marking Veterans Day with this special tribute offer by three former military wives and novelists. Please share- we will all grow as we Hear, Understand and Acknowledge – our H.U.A. mission on Military Success Network. This triad of women writers has joined forces to honor Veterans Day by each sharing their books for FREE. The books are available on Amazon for one day only on Sunday, November 11,  2012, in Kindle format (see links below to download a free app to read it on your computer)

Links to each of these novels and the free ebook download are available on this author’s page.  The titles are:

The Final Salute, a novel featured on Military Success NetworkTHE FINAL SALUTE by Kathleen M. Rodgers  takes place among Air Force families during the 1991 Gulf War.  Rodgers was an Air Force spouse for 12 years and is now a military mom of a son in the Army.


YOUR GIFT TO ME by Bonnie Bartel Latino (and Bob Vale) is an Air Force story of the transformative powers of love and laughter.  Bartel Latino was an Air Force spouse for 30 years.

“All three of us are grateful for having been military wives, and we hope to expand the appreciation of this unique sisterhood to others who have not had the opportunity to experience this life for themselves,” says Phyllis Zimbler Miller an Army spouse for two years.

“Regardless of the length of time, all three of us were deeply impacted by the military way of life.”

MRS. LIEUTENANT: A SHARON GOLD NOVEL by Phyllis Zimbler Miller takes place in 1970 during the Vietnam War at the Army post Ft. Knox, Kentucky. Mrs Lieutenant book cover

Regardless of the branch of service, the three novels all have one common theme: how the sisterhood of military wives is a strong support network.

The understanding of a strong support network is what brought the three women authors together to promote their  books online.

“Our connections go back over four years ago, when Bonnie — a stranger to me — defended MRS. LIEUTENANT against a comment that the novel was not realistic of military life,” says Phyllis Zimbler Miller.

“The novel had just been named a 2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semifinalist and someone had decided to attack it. Bonnie championed the book and I thanked this stranger. Later we “met” on Twitter and recognized our former connection.”

Air Force pilots who knew both Bonnie and Kathleen were writing a novel about Air Force wives and connected them. Then all three became members of the Military Writers Society of America. The Society has a very active Facebook group.

Collaborating seemed a natural and supportive step. It made sense that if people read one of their novels and liked it, those people would also be interested in reading the other two novels.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Get links to each novel at Phyllis Zimbler Miller’s site.

No Kindle? NO WORRIES. You can get a FREE Kindle app for your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac at

The goal for all three novels this Veterans Day, is to reach both military audiences and non-military audiences to foster better understanding of the military way of life.

This post was written by:      

Helena Kaufman, Military Success Network editor, in collaboration with Phyllis Zimbler Miller who is a member of the Department of Defense’s Bloggers’ Roundtable. She frequently writes about PTSD. See her recent blog post “Update on PTSD Help for Veterans”    Zimbler Miller first appeared on MilSuccessNet with her guest blog post on the mindset required for the successful return of military to civilian life.



  1. Dear Helena,

    Phyllis, Bonnie, and I are deeply honored to be featured on Military Success Network. Each of us spent years working on our novels, and we hope our stories not only entertain but touch people’s lives. My novel, THE FINAL SALUTE, focuses on two key themes: How fighter pilots often die in peacetime training missions and how the brass and bad commanders cover up sex scandals in the military.

    Thank you again for this nice write-up. Will will help spread the word.


    • Helena Kaufman says:

      Thank YOU Kathleen.
      When it comes time to thank service members, it’s important to remember their (home)front line support team…. the life partners, parents and children.

      Now, about your novel’s topics..and timeliness. Women’s intuition or writer’s keen observation of details? Powerful combo!

      with MilSuccessNet’s editorial team

  2. Sincere thanks to Helena Kaufman and all the folks at Military Success Network for featuring all three books as free downloads in honor of our veterans.

    As you at MSN know, the military is not a job or even a career, it is a way of life that only those who have lived it fully understand. Our intent with our novels was to honor America’s men and women in uniform, as well as pay tribute to those who came before them–and to show the strong bonds that exist between military spouses.

    “Your Gift to Me” shares the same subtle, but central, theme of the power of love and laughter to triumph over grief that was found in “Top Gun” and “Steel Magnolias.” Reviewers tell us that the novel has become an instrument of healing for many. For Bob Vale and myself, there is no finer reward.

    Thank you for helping spread the good word about three experience-based novels about our military.

    Best regards,

    Bonnie Bartel Latino

    • Helena Kaufman says:


      Thank you for living the military life and then generously sharing so much through the arduous work of writing so that others heal and thrive. And entertain!

      What a gift to us all, and including the women’s point of view.

  3. Helena — Thank you so much for giving me, Bonnie and Kathleen this opportunity to let people know about our Veterans Day event.

    Bonnie and Kathleen have left such terrific comments that the only thing I especially want to add is thanking you for including the link to my recent PTSD blog post. Getting out the word about PTSD is very important to me. In fact, I’m hoping to move forward on a TV drama project about the L.A. Country Veterans Court — see

    Thanks again,

    • Helena Kaufman says:


      We all benefit from your writing and the effort you put in on PTSD and other issues related to the military life experience.

      As we often say around team MilSuccessNet: We’re in this, together.
      Thank YOU and your husband for your service as a team.


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