How to get to Valhalla? Apply Part 2 of 2

How to find your way to Valhalla?  An earthly and modern version of the paradise for warriors, the Valhalla Project is a haven for veterans to gather. They may, as tradition holds, regale each other with their stories, or not. They can, however, come to be occupied in productive pursuits in nature and to restore their spirits and bodies, for a little while in their healing and transition time. And, in the company of others who understand. 

Gordon Cucullu is co founder of the Valhalla Project

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gordon Cucullu, Valhalla Project Co-founder

Inside information is shared here! Part II gives the step-by-step process for a qualified Soldier who might wish to spend some time in Valhalla to apply.

The insider? Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gordon Cucullu, who with his life and project partner, Chris Fontana, founded the Valhalla Project. They are also co-authors of the book Warrior Police, whose proceeds are tagged entirely to support the operation of this incredibly healthy project. Now.. In their own words…..

Gordon & SFC Kenn (photo supplied)

Gordon & SFC Kenn (photo supplied)

In our last post for Military Success Network, we introduced you to the Valhalla Project.

We are a special homestead-type farm located in the Ozark Mountains that my wife Chris and I established. It is a place where post-9/11 combat Soldiers and certain war zone civilians may come to assist in their decompression and transition to civilian society.

Valhalla is for you, your battle buddies, and for future generations of Soldiers. You can refer to our original post for more details about our location and what we consider an excellent program.

Chickens, turkeys and ducks gather towards a green bowl designed to keep them closer and safer

Valhalla chickens, turkeys, ducks answer the call of the green bowl, for their own safety.

We’ll meet you right back here after your online visit.

So, you’re back and have familiarized yourself with Valhalla. Maybe you also checked out our Face Book page (Valhalla Project) and our blog  where we have regular postings with photos of the most current activity. Interested in coming out here or at least learning more about what you can discover at Valhalla.

Here’s how to go about it:

Contact us directly through our Facebook page or through email at valhalla.mailbox[at]gmail.com

SFC Michelle at Valhalla (photo provided)

SFC Michelle at Valhalla (photo provided)

Tell us who you are, and what unit(s) you served with downrange and the dates.

We’re going to want to see a DD-214 if we go to the next step.
Explain why you want to come to Valhalla.

What do you hope to achieve through the experience, and what do you think you can contribute. No need to get too detailed, just let us know why and what.

Are there any aspects of Valhalla that especially interest you?

Let us know if you want to learn about livestock, poultry, intensive gardening, off-grid building and energy, forestry, permaculture, aquaponics, wildlife, or anything special that you like to do or think you might like to do. If you have special interests not listed, note them, and we might be able to accommodate those desires here.

That’s enough to start.

Resident cats Vixen and Joker  blase on the basics of gardening

Vixen, Joker Valhalla resident cats.


As you might imagine there are a lot of people out there who are pretty desperate or dishonest and who pretend to be combat Soldiers in order to milk different programs for benefits. One pretender at Valhalla takes a place from a deserving Soldier. That is unacceptable, so we want to screen those characters out long before they get boots on the ground here. For that reason we’ll have to ask questions and verify your service. I’m sure you understand.

We’re open for combat Soldiers who may be veterans, active duty, National Guard, or Reservists.

After some initial communication, if we and you decide to go to the next step you will be sent an application form requesting more detailed information. None of the questions will involve anything that could be used in an identity theft scam and nothing will be shared outside of Valhalla administration, so no worries there.

If thought to be applicable, we may request a letter from someone who is or was in your chain of command, if possible, essentially supporting why you are a good candidate and why.

  • Like outdoor activities?
  • Looking for a challenge?
  • Wish to spend some time decompressing and transitioning? ………Then Valhalla may be the place for you. Give it some thought. And if you do come, be prepared for an interesting, exciting, enjoyable, and what we’ve seen from experience – a personally profitable stay.

Army Strong.

To support the Valhalla Project and read an excellent book, authored by the c0-founders, roll with the Warrior Police. 


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