Which way is the front line from here? Sebastian Junger’s new film

First Restrepo.

(See the 2:00 trailer here of the movie about a year in the most dangerous valley)

Now, Which way is the front line from here? A documentary.

Sebastian Junger Photo: SebastianJunger.com

Sebastian Junger Photo: SebastianJunger.com

WoW – Words on Wednesdays goes audio for the first time, with an interview clip recorded directly from Canadian radio with Sebastian Junger, photographer, film maker and founder of RISC.

Sebastian Junger on CBC April 17 13 minutes – as he remembers the death on April 20, 2011 of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros . The interview introduces the airing on HBO at 8 p.m, Thursday April 18. The film, Which way is the front line from here? The documentary covers the life and death of Tim Hetherington and also touches on the soul and psyche of war photographers and warriors in the thick of battle.

I recorded this off the radio so we could get it up in time on Military Success Network (to listen, download and save it). We’ll link to a smoother podcast originating on the CBC radio website as soon as it is up at day’s end – it is repeated on air at 10 p.m. first. For now you can go to cbc.ca/radio but they have the 1.5 hour “Q” show up. Sebastian is first up after the introductory monologue. CBC Q also features a video option below the audio podcast box.

(Here it is, added a few days later:   PODCAST    Please note it is about 13 min  but you must wait out the first 2:00 for CBC, the station to promo itself and then for Jian, the interviewer to list the show’s features.. Sebastian if first up. ENJOY.. it’s worth it)

The interview featured today in AUDIO is 13 min long and features Sebastian Junger from New York studios. The interviewer is Jian Gomechi, on a popular and topical nationwide Canadian radio show called: Q on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) AM radio and on Sirius Satellite radio and on NPR in the USA.

Topics Sebastian talks about:

  • Experience on both sides of the camera at RESTREPO
  • What it’s like to be a war reporter and how the stories revolve around ‘the machinery of death’
  • Why it’s important to understand why men are drawn to war, why they miss it despite it being hell…
  • Moral complexity and the necessary art of Tim Hetherington and other photographers
  • The core truth of war
  • Living a big life… with compassion and tuned into “the quiet dignity of human struggle”

Which way is the front line from here? Sebastian Junger’s new documentary, debuts on HBO on April 18, 2013. In Canada, it will be screened in early May at the Hot Docs Festival.

RISC an organization started by Junger has been featured on Military Success Network. RISC, the organization holds life saving, in the field applicable courses around the country for journalists. RISC stands for Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues.

Click here for an in depth interview with SALON Magazine

Audio of today’s Canadian radio interview:  Sebastian Junger on CBC April 17 13 minutes


  1. Helena Kaufman says:

    Another recent WoW-Words on Wednesdays post from Antonio Salinas on his book Allure of War can be found here:


    The question of why young men are drawn to war, and the need to understand that so that we can help them reintegrate on their return is, at last, being explored. Military Success Network sees support of these expressions by military writers with boots on the ground and first hand experience, as important to resilient transition back into civilian life after military duty.

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