Gettysburg 150th detailed via The National Guard

To mark the 150th anniversary year of the Battle of Gettysburg, MilSuccessNet has dipped into the excellent historic ‘slide’ offered by the National Guard.  The battle and other interestingly presented information  is totally worth checking out at their site. 

It’s also our nod to our resident historian and writer of almost all of the site’s early history posts. Not long after the launch of MilitarySuccessNetwork.com, he began his own military to civilian transformation after years of service with the National Guard.  While still connected to some degree with the Guard, Marius Tecoanta has transitioned to become an engineer in a corporation, been published as a blogger and novelist and woven both his military and civilian training into his current leadership role.    

And now….   the introduction to Gettysburg from the National Guard’s online pages dedicated to this defining battle:

With Union forces in shambles after their humbling loss at Chancellorsville, Lee seized his opportunity. He reorganized his forces at nearby Fredericksburg, Va., and seized the garrisons at Winchester, Va., and Martinsburg W. Va., in June 1863. From there the Confederates struck into Maryland and Pennsylvania. Once in Pennsylvania, the army of more than 70,000 men could take advantage of the bounty of the surrounding farm country and keep Union forces on the run…… continue to read here.



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