Plan deliberately and count on successes in 2016

Make a new plan for 2016 Stan! 

Did you get slammed in the season for reflection?

That push to review is strong, especially as everyone around you celebrates endings and beginnings. Our email, the sites we subscribe to, the magazines you pick up and the social media posts to name just a handful of sources – feature lists. A lot of it is designed to sell you on change, to get you to set goals.

It can keep us swinging from one idea branch to the other.

Now GraphicSo much to decide, do, deliver on! It kind of needs its own theme song…  and system. So, Team MilSuccessNet is offering this gentle 5 point plan based on the editorial team’s recent and collective experience. We want to hear what YOURS is in the comments below..  

Make a new plan, Stan
You don’t need to be coy, Roy
Just get yourself free
Hop on the bus, Gus
You don’t need to discuss much
Just DRAW UP the LIST, Lee
And get yourself free.

Let’s hope that Paul Simon will indulge our need for the two-word tweak in the chorus of his massive 1975 hit “50 Ways to Lose Your Lover.” Isn’t it perfect that it was released from the album: Still Crazy After All these Years.

2016 MonkeysSome of what can make us crazy and swinging wildly might simply be nailing down what goals we need to pursue, right?

So, Team MilSuccessNet’ take is that it’s a gift to sit at the end of the year and realize that you made it. Our reflection brings us to a couple of actions.

We can take a true account of what happened or we can get busy and focus on the negative. Or, we can use the events of 2015 to set us on a different trajectory and to maximize our wins.

What did we measure in 2015? Weight – Finances – Health – Pages read – Trips taken…?

So, we identify those things that we took account of and we can see if we applied a plan or not. If some element failed, we can easily identify where we deviated from the plan. Was it the extra bagel, that extra expense? Or maybe it was the log or journal that had this unaccounted month(s) long mass of white space?

Zig Ziglar once said

“Winning is not an accident. It is the result of a deliberate plan.”

As we’ve stepped into 2016 what do we claim as our deliberate plan? Will we choose to consciously improve or just leave it up to chance and circumstance?

Once, we take time to reflect on what actually happened in 2015 we can start to build a solid plan to produce the outcomes we want.

Step 1. List the milestones and outcomes of 2015.

For example; I started 2015 at X weight and now I weigh X plus 20 pounds. What caused me to be so successful at gaining weight? What behavior can I change to be successful towards my actual goal?

Step 2. Break down 2016 into four quarters and then prioritize your Top 3 Goals.

For example:

  • Goal 1: Lose Weight
  • Goal 2: Maintain a Budget
  • Goal 3: Create More Work Life Balance

Step 3. Identify and use the proper tool to measure effectiveness

If we look at 2015 as our vehicle, we can easily identify it as either a high-performance sports car or a high mileage daily driver. Now that we have the visual, we can look over to the toolbox we used to perform our maintenance.

If we do have the Ferrari, we can imagine a garage full of specialized tools and a team of mechanics ensuring maximum performance. If we are looking at the daily driver, we might see a beat up toolbox with a lot of missing tools. Most of us are in the middle. So what tools do we need?

Web tools such as www.stickk.com, which uses accountability partners and monetary rewards / punishments to help us obtain our goals, are proven to keep us on track. Along with fitness trackers such as www.myfitnesspal.com or www.mapmyrun.com.

As you look at Step 2. Goals ask your network what worked for them in 2015. Use your network to validate how it helped them to succeed in 2015.

Step 4. Adjust your Performance through Measurement

Because 2016 is now divided into quarters, we can set milestones and include our accountability partners.

Use your network and tools to track your performance to see if you are doing the right things to get the intended results.

  • Measure daily.
  • Account monthly.
  • Report quarterly.

You will quickly see if you need to change your strategy.

Step 5. Celebrate the Wins!

Tie your wins to the things you love. Delayed gratification and moderation wins the day and life is about enjoying the Good Stuff. As you show gratitude for the many wonderful things in your daily life use your milestones to celebrate what you have accomplished.

Here is to Sweet 16 and building that sports car… one day at a time. (This line alone should tell you these steps were suggested by the male, mil members of the team who are also parents of teens at the 16 year mark..  sweet or not!)


The steps are at work for MilSuccesNet members in their various jobs and situations, but all felt that the steps would apply to any goals. More importantly for this site –  for an effective transition.

Planning and personal improvement are already showing up as strong themes in 2016.
It was good to reflect on what worked this year – DO let’s honor and celebrate that…much was achieved – schools, classes, jobs, family contexts and above all constant adjustment.
…………we are grateful for the opportunity to “deliberately plan” for 2016.
We all plan on hitting the major categories with our plans:.
  • Health for energy and less weight
  • Get and stick to a budget
  • Be present, wherever we are in body AND mind and heart
Yup…  a plan for us, and likely many elements shared with Tom, Dick, Harry and Simon…   And you.. YOU tell us what you plan and if you have a way to get there! Write to us in the box below in comments

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