The “She Said” response to a reader on gun control Part 2 of 2

Is it gun control or constitutional infringement?” asked a reader of the popular advice column called He Said She Said in the Guidon at Ft. Leonard Wood.

In Part 1 Shaun Collins said his piece. Now, Pam Collins shares her point of view on gun control and key information leading up to it. Both opinions represent the advice column duo’s personal views, based on their work expertise and life experiences.

Question period

Question period

Part 2 touches on:

Sandy Hook……..Slippery slopes and lobbyists ……Volstead Act…..  Latent function…..type of gun permissible debate….facts on firearms

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Home fire friends when buddies deploy – advice

He Said and She Said their advice on – an ethical choice a man makes on how to ‘be’ with the family of a buddy who deploys:

Questions you might have

Questions you might have

I’m a single guy stationed here with a long-distance girlfriend. That’s not the problem and that relationship works very well for both of us. My problem is that my sponsor here has become a great friend. He and his Family have gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable.

When I was here at Thanksgiving a year ago and couldn’t go home because of work, they took me in and fed me. They invite me to Family night activities; their kids’ soccer games and just about anytime when I am not traveling back to Iowa to see my girlfriend. It’s been a standing invite and I know that I can always bow out. However, my buddy is getting ready to deploy. He’ll be gone for a year and I know that his Family will probably still invite me to events, meals and movie night, but I really would feel weird hanging out with his wife without him around. [Read more…]


Love, work and the whole damn thing part 2

Pamela Collins continues her own story of  resilient transition from Part 1 and in today’s post she talks about:

Pam Collins, writer of the He Said She Said column

Pam Collins

  • Adjustment to a new daily routine
  • Mentorship’s value
  • Birth of the He Said She Said column 
  • Creative connection to military and giving back

Have you guessed yet who is on her team?

Find out who they are NOW and check back again for the full confession of who this popular columnist and her writing partner really WERE before you met them here on Military Success Network…. 

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Resilient transition for woman writer part 1

Who is this mysterious military woman?


  • Doctrine Command  Instructor of the Year (2004)
  • Felony Investigator
  • Warrant Officer, graduated with honors, ranking 4th in a class of 82 candidates based on academics and fitness


Pamela M. Collins honorably served in the U. S. Army for nearly 25 years.  She joined the army for opportunity when little existed for her in the civilian world of 1982 between the Cold War and a looming recession.

 Her tale of transition takes us along with her from clerk to agent, enlisted to officer, field agent through leadership, education and supervisory special agent status. [Read more…]