What’s sunk and what’s successful in your Military to Civilian transition process?

Sunk Costs: MilSuccessNet guest writer, Cindy Dachuk weighs in on what it means to readers in the midst of Military to Civilian transition. And, we revisit the sunk costs post of  US Army Light Infantry veteran, Jesse Hughes as he experienced it during his MBA process.

Sunk Costs in a team scenario was the topic of one of our Go To ‘business guys’ on the MilSuccessNet guest writer roster, Jesse Hughes.

Jesse Hughes (photo supplied)

Jesse Hughes (photo supplied)

The reality of sunk costs that Jesse introduced, goes a step deeper with Cindy’s post. It speaks to the every day  decision-making process. It may also touch on the analysis our readers experience as they shift from military to civilian work places and community situations.

During his MBA, Jesse bridged interests in his civilian academic study group using both military and business savvy. In his current work life now, he bridges his company’s interests through strategic matching of its specialists with clients’ needs for solutions in the marketplace.

We are wise to do what he does, pause and ask if we can afford to sink into one path without review, or being open to revision and refinement?  

Cindy D_2ThumbCindy Dachuk answers this question in today’s Wow- Words on Wednesdays. She is a Leadership Breakthrough Expert and founder of the Titan Training Group.

 A friend of MilitarySuccessNetwork, we  met her at the same time Team MilSuccessNet’s members first met each other- all at a communications boot camp led by Kevin Hogan

We were all there to learn, to adapt and to advance.. and we do so now again, with the reprint of Cindy Dachuk’s blog on sunk costs, from her post this week and in her own words… [Read more…]