Hal Olsen: On call mechanic at Tinian to artistic legacy

“When Pearl Harbor was bombed, I was out of business,” says Hal Olsen in a way that only a 91-year-old veteran of WW II can say.

Hal Olsen as a young artist at Tinian

Hal Olsen as a young artist at Tinian

Transition rears its compelling and mandatory mindset in all military service branches and in any era. Helping hands in the process can come from different directions.

MilSuccessNet has recently featured two distinct kinds. One was The Valhalla Project, which you’ll find a gentle reference to heaven for warriors in this post and the other was the first of our 2013 Pin Up posts. Both have direct contact with veterans in common, and the desire to serve by assisting.

Now back to Hal Olsen and his life in art that helped then and heals and preserves memory of the times now. [Read more…]