Pearl Harbor and the Greatest Generation remembered

Military Success Network marks the 72nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor alongside the living memorials to that day.

The veterans who survived and their stories now inform today’s great generation. Below is the basic story and then just two of the opportunities to consider the future based on the lessons glimpsed in the art and video links offered below.

December 7, 1941 was the day of the surprise attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor and catapulted America into war.

USS Shaw Explodes at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7 1941

USS Shaw Explodes at Pearl Harbor

In “Operation Hawaii” the Japanese struck a major tactical victory in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Their action was planned to prevent the U.S. Pacific Fleet from interfering with military actions the Empire of Japan intended to carry out in Southeast Asia against the overseas territories of the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. [Read more…]


Honor Flight: A day in the life of one veteran and one volunteer

Diana MemorialService as a volunteer often leads to unexpected experiences and rewards. Such was one woman’s experience as she was ‘buddy’d up’ with a veteran flown in to Washington D.C. in a group invited to visit ‘their’ memorials.  

Welcome, first time MilSuccessNet guest blogger as she shares the opportunity she had to get to know her country’s veterans one name, one story and one day at a time in a story entitled: Honor Flight: Spending a day with the Greatest Generation changed my life.  

Her post follows coverage of the screening of documentary, Honor Flight the Movie.  Photos in this post are those of Ms Rodriguez.


Diana M. Rodriguez, blogger, editor, valued volunteer, photo supplied

Diana M. Rodriguez, blogger, editor, valued volunteer, photo supplied

Diana M. Rodriguez is a writer and editor who blogs on topics of social interest. She has deep roots in the Veterans’ community as public affairs practitioner with a focus on their issues and also as  friend and family member.

Our peek into her memorable, diary type entry, is excerpted from a February 2013 post on her popular blog:  I Mean What I Say but I Don’t Say It Meanly. (MilSuccessNet has added captions and sub-heads here only)

2010 had been a challenging year, for our writer. It held tough times for her on the personal front, in her health and in the uncertainty of her job.  The call to serve beckoned her at just the right time….And now, in her own words…..

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Honor Flight Movie night connects military vets, community in Colorado

Recently, one of the Military Success Network team has taken on what he feels is a privileged opportunity. He chooses to rise even earlier now on some Saturdays and to join about 70 or so veterans for breakfast. On each occasion he shares in the company and stories of veterans in America.

They comprise men and women of the American military period since WW2. They gather every week in Loveland, Colorado.

Honor Flight Poster

Honor Flight Poster

Last week he brought a flier along with him. It was about the movie Honor Flight set for special screening at the CSU, Colorado State University. The Honor Flight movie shares the stories of some of the heroes who have been impacted by the program which brings together veterans to spend time with their brothers and sisters in arms. More follows on the movie, the destination and the special event in Colorado that connected generations on a snowy night at the movies this week. [Read more…]