The code on Army-civilian-army-student life transition

Some feel there’s a cultural divide between Military and Civilian circles. Guest writer, Jesse Hughes, who served in the US Army Light Infantry until 2002, talks about some of this ‘anthropological’ experience facing members in transition.

His posts on the journey from soldier to civilian citizen in the workplace are excerpts from a current, larger writing project.

Jesse Hughes, MilSuccessNet guest blogger

See what YOU would do in these first scenarios. Would you let your inner voice shout out what you feel or like Jesse, apply polite polish of understanding to negotiate that long corridor between military moves and new habits in civilian life?

My Time among Civilians: An Introduction

I was raised an Army brat and knew that the Army was where I wanted to be from before I could remember. ROTC through college secured that plan and I headed into the Infantry. But plans change and life throws curves, sometimes just the right kind of curves. [Read more…]