Advice column reader asks about gun control – part 1 of 2

Is it gun control or constitutional infringement?“, asks a reader of the popular advice column called He Said She Said in the Guidon at Ft. Leonard Wood.

Questions you might have

Questions you might have

Here, the expanded version of the question includes the reader’s discovery that the He Said She Said columnist duo also guest blog for MilSuccessNet. Formerly known as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Shaun and Pam Collins are now fully retired and out of the closet where columnists with pseudonyms are kept working, under cover.

Shaun Collins responds today and next time we’ll read Pam’s point of view. It should be noted that what they write, represents their own personal opinion based on their work and life experiences.

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Military source for advice on Valentine’s Day?

It’s LOVE DAY out in the world, and all heart week at Military Success Network. We are introducing new guest bloggers on the soul of resilient military to civilian transition and a NEW ADVICE COLUMN. 

TO THE RESCUE today, is the 1st of many valuable columns to come! Reprinted with permission of  GUIDON in Ft. Leonard Wood. They are graciously sharing the HE SAID SHE SAID advice column, written by our own new dynamic duo of guest bloggers and veterans Pam Collins and her partner in life and practical advice prose, Shaun Collins. (Formerly, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, till both officially retired from military service and entered civilian life, with resilience!!)

Today, they address a universal quandary. Oh, I hope it’s not too late for you today. Our MilSuccessNet editor was found this morning, way past deadline,  hunched over, asleep and clutching  a half empty heart shaped virtual box of chocolate… on the screen.

He Said, She Said: Husband stumped at what to buy wife for Valentine’s Day 

He Said She Said








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