Military wives mark Veterans Day with free gift of their novels

Military Success Network continues with posts marking Veterans Day with this special tribute offer by three former military wives and novelists. Please share- we will all grow as we Hear, Understand and Acknowledge – our H.U.A. mission on Military Success Network. This triad of women writers has joined forces to honor Veterans Day by each sharing their books for FREE. The books are available on Amazon for one day only on Sunday, November 11,  2012, in Kindle format (see links below to download a free app to read it on your computer)

Links to each of these novels and the free ebook download are available on this author’s page.  The titles are:

The Final Salute, a novel featured on Military Success NetworkTHE FINAL SALUTE by Kathleen M. Rodgers  takes place among Air Force families during the 1991 Gulf War.  Rodgers was an Air Force spouse for 12 years and is now a military mom of a son in the Army. [Read more…]


Return to Civilian Life Helped By Mindset

Military Success Network guest author Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Military life develops many life and operational skills. The transition from military to fulltime civilian family life combined with potential new occupations and daily community participation brings with it opportunities and challenges. Awareness, preparation and specific supports help military men and women return to civilian life. For starters, it requires an open mindset.

Military Success Network begins the guest posts from “people who have been there”  and done and learned “that”. Posts and articles will cover the process and the people and resources to boost success for those in transitions. What’s YOUR story? Do you see your self in this one? [Read more…]