PAMVET Breakfast Club at 181 and still recruiting

Coverage of the stories of veterans of all ages and coming from various conflict zones continues on Military Success Network. Today, we spotlight PAMVET through the reprint, with permission, of an excellent story by  Shelley Widhalm, features reporter, The Reporter-Herald, Loveland, CO.

Veterans gathering for breakfast under PAMVET banner

PAMVET breakfast attended by team member of MilSuccessNet (his photo supplied)

PAMVET or Proud American Military Veterans gather weekly on Saturdays at a unique breakfast in Colorado. Their meeting place offers fellowship, a place to be heard, seen and acknowledged not only for service and survival but also for those experiences most readily understood by other brothers and sisters in arms. 

Honor Flight the Movie was featured in a recent post in the context of a special screening at Colorado State University. PAMVET participants made their way to that ‘opening night’ at CSU alongside history students, ROTC and others, despite heavy snow storm weather warnings. 

The next day we had Diana Rodriguez’s account of her day in the company of one veteran who stepped off his Honor Flight in her hometown of Washington D.C. and into her life. 

Now, on to Shelley Widhalm, features reporter, The Reporter-Herald, Loveland, CO and her visit to PAMVET… in her own words and her photos[Read more…]