Which way is the front line from here? Sebastian Junger’s new film

First Restrepo.

(See the 2:00 trailer here of the movie about a year in the most dangerous valley)

Now, Which way is the front line from here? A documentary.

Sebastian Junger Photo: SebastianJunger.com

Sebastian Junger Photo: SebastianJunger.com

WoW – Words on Wednesdays goes audio for the first time, with an interview clip recorded directly from Canadian radio with Sebastian Junger, photographer, film maker and founder of RISC.

Sebastian Junger on CBC April 17 13 minutes – as he remembers the death on April 20, 2011 of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros . The interview introduces the airing on HBO at 8 p.m, Thursday April 18. The film, Which way is the front line from here? The documentary covers the life and death of Tim Hetherington and also touches on the soul and psyche of war photographers and warriors in the thick of battle. [Read more…]


Remembering 9/11 and counting on each other

Today is 11 years since the dates 9/11 became forever a part of our collective memories, world-wide, and we remember.

Innocents who had not officially enlisted that day to be warriors lost lives and affected countless others lives in our communities. We also remember those who rushed in selflessly to help, to try to save lives.

Military Success Network respectfully remembers.

Simulation in training of journalists covering conflict zones

We’re also remembering those who answer the call of duty to capture history, journalists who help us make sense of the world around us. If the life saving skills of any one of the  brave police, fireman or other heroes who rushed to help in 9/11 were present in peers at a conflict zone, it is likely that some might not succumb to  wounds and die.

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