Trials of transition rooted in trust, responsibility and duty

 “SGM (Ret) Jason Beighley offers a relevant and poignant interpretation of the “book”, Message to Garcia in today’s Words on Wednesdays. It is a relatively short text,  written by its author in a single sitting, almost as a letter in response to emotion. 

A few links are provided for WoW readers to access the whole text. Our guest writer, Jason Beighley served 25 years in the US Army’s Mechanized Infantry, 2/75 Rangers, and Special Operations. His post introduces us to a classic read which is both a favorite known to many military service members and one referenced by leaders: Message to Garcia.

SGM (Ret.) Jason Beighley

SGM (Ret.) Jason Beighley


A classic tale of a mission from another time, in the jungles of Cuba, Beighley uses it as a vehicle to traverse the challenges of transition. In it he conveys the great treasure of service that he feels makes moving from the military, to essentially any other life role, such a challenge.

Beighley shared in a recent interview that he has explored and experienced several workplace environments since he separated in April 2009 as part of his transition journey. He now works for The Praevius Group, a technology integration company in Texas, where amongst other projects calling on his expertise, he is involved in teaching  the Master Army Profession and Ethic Trainer course. Beighley is the 2011 recipient of the NDIA Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock Award.

He expressed gratitude in being able to continue to grow and define himself in his new civilian life status with the support of his wife of 25 years and their three children. Together, they reside on a small farm in North Carolina with a Dr. Doolittle–‐like collection of animals. 

Now on to the little volume’s story and one man’s investment in the USA’s military… in his own words… [Read more…]