Siren’s Song seduces warriors – Antonio Salinas

When we met Antonio Salinas he introduced himself as a Writer, Warrior and Lover.

Marius, Nate en route to Sangria Summit

Marius, Nate en route to Sangria Summit

The ‘we’ were Military Success Network’s three co-founders, joining Salinas and other warrior writers at the first Sangria Summit Writers’ Conference in Denver, CO. Like other participants, we soon accepted that his 4th, self chosen description of Scholar was also apt.

Salinas was one of a select few who were able to workshop passages from their current manuscripts in a special session with the larger group. Feedback was good. Edits are in the process for book #2.

Today, however, Salinas answered questions about his first and recently published book – the provocatively titled, Siren’s Song: The Allure of War.  In this segment, he talks of the experience of war .. in his own words….. [Read more…]