On doing too much and being enough

As a mother, I am licensed to worry.

As a contributing editor on MilSuccessNet, I now also worry about all the military men and women I’ve gotten to know in person, by phone or via social media conversations. And I worry about the many service members at large because now I understand more about the depth of your military experiences. As I record or report individual stories, I also know your challenges when you transition into civilian roles at home and in your communities. That’s why I worry.

I feel you are vulnerable to:

1. Being overworked due to your ‘get ‘er done’ work ethic in a marketplace where supervisors and colleagues may be all too happy to let you deliver on tasks to the standards and expectations you applied to your military duties.

2. Demanding so much of  yourself that, you never feel ‘enough’ in aspects of your life and work…   or at least, take a long time to re-jig your measurement of  where you are great and good enough. 

It’s a topic of conversation at team MilSuccessNet. It can all be overwhelming if we submit to the machine, without checking in with ourselves, regularly. So, dear readers, we’re kicking off upcoming articles with this conversation.

Welcome Bob Beverley, a friend Nate, Marius and I all met at the same time and whose words both inspire and comfort when his Ezine, The Dig appears in our inbox, weekly.

Bob Beverley

Bob Beverley

Monday then is a great day to pause and read Bob Beverley’s reflection from The Dig. A psychotherapist of more than 25 years experience in New York State, he shares installment #9 from his series POWER and an idea on how we can show up for the rest of the week, or for the rest of our lives. Read more about Bob in Words on Wednesdays, and for now… his own words…

POWER (9)  “You can only do so much.”

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