Where in the world is Lt. Col.(Ret)Gordon Cucullu?

In this post we interweave the topics of:
  • Valhalla Project
  • Gordon Cucullu’s special day, book and project
  •  Military Police regiment’s 71st celebration

At last contact, he is doing a world of good, along with his writing and life partner, Chris Fontana at Valhalla, in Yellville, Arkansas.

Photo of Gordon Cucullu author of Warrior Police

Gordon Cucullu, Image credit

Retired Army Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu was in the Special Forces and saw combat in Vietnam and El Salvador. Now this Green Beret is seeing action as an author, columnist, and speaker, much of it in support of the Valhalla Project.

He’ll be reporting in soon with an official update to Military Success Network on what’s happening at Valhalla. It’s designed as a working and recreational retreat for post-9/11 combat soldiers and war zone civilian workers. Transition from military to civilian life is uniquely supportive at Valhalla.

Read about where in the world Gordon Cucullu’s career took him before this project in this profile piece from September 2011. the article was written during my tenure as military, games and special assignment blogger at Lanterloon, which offers “writing for the 1% who serve in the military.”

Today is Lt. Col. Cucullu’s birthday. (We’ve been informed of this via the  intel on the social media landscape).

It is also the 71st anniversary of the Military Police Corps Regiment.

The date match seems almost predestined. Cucullu’s third and most recent book is entitled: Warrior Police: Rolling with America’s Military Police in the World’s Trouble Spots.

Proceeds from the book go entirely to the development and operation of Valhalla.

Warrior Police, the book by Gordon Cucullu

Cucullu’s 3rd book’s proceeds earmarked for Valhalla

Here is the copy I read in the comfort of a welcoming armchair at Tattered Covers.

This book store’s location was a short jaunt from the Sangria Summit, the Military Writers’ Conference attended by the entire MilSuccessNet team. At the event on September 12-14, in Denver, we met more veteran and active duty service members interested in recording military stories and we hope to share some of their own histories here.

One of our trio, Nate Brookshire is noted in Warrior Police and was interviewed by Cucullu for the book.

Our resident historian, Marius Tecoanta, who normally highlights history for Military Success Network was also present at Sangria Summit.

Isn’t it fitting though that the workplace oriented, civilian and Canadian team member connects all the dots today?

Military interests, veterans actions in the new workplace they are returning to, civilian marketplace consciousness and military police history, both recent and time-honored, blend today, proving once again that we. are. all. in. this. together.




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