Raab reviews book on hardest hit unit in Iraq war

With this week’s news on Iraq, questions on the cost of war are posed publicly, debated and discussed. Some are shared among the band of brothers who answered the call to duty there.

At the moment of contact, they are everything to each other. After the battle, the warriors are each other’s source of healing.

 Jonathan Raab

Jonathan Raab

In today’s Words on Wednesdays, Jonathan Raab, a veteran and military writer revisits the book MilSuccessNet posted in NovemberThey Fought For Each Other: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Hardest Hit Unit In Iraq by Kelly Kennedy. Published by St. Martin’s Griffin Press.

His book review follows…

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Jonathan Raab reports from Denver ACP event

Military veterans in the Denver area met with mentors from American Corporate Partners (ACP) in a unique social setting at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in downtown Denver. Sullivan’s provided  drinks and finger foods for the group while they mingled just beyond the restaurant’s front dining room in their own networking space.

Veterans network at Sullivan's (Jonathan Raab)

Veterans network at Sullivan’s (Jonathan Raab)

Over the sounds of mid-week diners’ conversations and a two-piece blues band, veterans from the different services shared their experiences with one another and several ACP mentors who were present. The event’s aim was for veterans to learn more about the mentorship program offered by ACP. [Read more…]


Shift to civilian workplace supported by ACP mentors

Isn’t it good to have a little help in our transitions and in the shifts we are called on to make, in life, health, wealth and military service status? 

MilSuccessNet team members seek to support each other and to share the resources we uncover on this site. Our guest writers are a valued and critical asset in this exchange. They present sources of support and often solutions to the many questions that face all of us in the process.

Blue and red logo of American Corporate Partners Writer Jonathan Raab recently interviewed ACP founder, Sid Goodfriend. No matter where YOU are personally in your own transition you can benefit. And, you’ll see that resilience, the main ingredient we look to add on MilSuccessNet is part of the plan at American Corporate Partners. Now, on to Raab’s and Goodfriend’s own words…….. [Read more…]


James and the job-notes on Cpt. Caggy’s return Part 2 of 2

Through Jonathan Raab’s interview, part 1, we were there when James Caggy landed and lined up at Syracuse. He stood with his battle buddies and others anxious to officially end their deployment in Afghanistan.

We met his girlfriend who was there for him, just as she had been at his return from his previous deployment and in the years of service before and after. Caggy let us come along on an important home visit. And then we were back to his New York apartment where he left us with this thought:

“I was kind of debating what the hell I was going to do over the next three months – if I was gonna sit on my ass, or try and find a job,” he said.

So, now on to find out from James Caggy, via Jonathan Raab:

  • what he decided to do
  • how this transition was different
  • the challenge of his choice
  • should he stay or should he go, back to the army?
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Captain Caggy comes home …part 1 of 2

Jonathan Raab

Jonathan Raab

Writer Jonathan Raab’s interview with Captain James Caggy on his experience of returning home after his 2nd of two deployments overseas follows. This excerpt is presented in two parts.

  •  His first steps out of the taped “corrals’ that sectioned off army turf and civilian space
  • Next steps in which his new work, family and life reality is fully understood    Now……  to the two veterans’ own words……

On a windy, cold Christmas Eve, Army Captain James Caggy, commander of Alpha Company, waited with his fellow soldiers inside the Syracuse armory for the Army to release them after a year-long deployment.

He stood with bags stuffed full with gear, clothing, and what few personal items he still had with him. All around him were his fellow soldiers, tired from a full day of flying. [Read more…]


Fire and Forget book review by Jonathan Raab

“Searing stories… a necessary collection, necessary to write, necessary to read.”  E.L. Doctorow wrote these words about FIRE AND FORGET (Da Capo Press, launching on Amazon, February 2013).

We feel the same about the stories and the passion to share them on Military Success Network.  Now, we’ll read how Jonathan Raab,  writer, teacher and Afghanistan veteran feels about this book in today’s  WoW – Words on Wednesdays[Read more…]


Post deployment and Hurricane Sandy revival part 2

Corey Christian, who spoke with MilSuccessNet guest blogger, Jonathan Raab, shared the situation that met him on his return from deployment in Kuwait.

Corey Christian, FDNY EMT

Corey Christian, FDNY EMT

Now back in NYC, he and his wife are rebuilding from the extreme damage to their home during Hurricane Sandy. Christian still serves with the National Guard, and is reassembling his career and home life along with his physical home. [Read more…]


Rebuilding after deployment and Hurricane Sandy part 1

Jonathan Raab’s first piece introduces a new kind of guest post for MilSuccessNet readers – veterans talking to veterans. As readers, we are privileged with special insights as a result of their shared service experiences.

 Jonathan Raab, writer, teacher, Afghanistan War veteran with his first guest blog for MilSuccessNet

Jonathan Raab, writer, teacher, Afghanistan War veteran (photo supplied)

Welcome to writer, Jonathan Raab and appreciation to Corey Christian. This story covers the private, post deployment challenges as Christian and his family recover and rebuild from the damage of a public event monitored  by millions – the life changing effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Raab’s blog post aligns with MilSuccessNet’s operating principles – H.U.A – providing a forum and resources so that military men and women are HEARD, UNDERSTOOD and ACKNOWLEDGED.

Please add your comments and share your experience. Now, on to this candid and powerful  interview out of New York state.  

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