Military to corporate clothes closet makeover tips

Leon Scott

If you ask Leon Scott, Career Coach, when’s a good time to job hunt and cast your communication about, he’ll be very specific. There are seasons, that work better, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared and to look the part, when you are presented with the opportunity to make an impression.

Dressing well during interview or connection opportunities is always in season. They say the clothes make the man. Perhaps the man or the woman candidate for employment, improve their chances and their confidence, in the right clothes.

So in this social season, step out with your best attitude as an accessory. And, if you still need to find a gift for someone whose success you care about check out these tips and see what you can do to round out their working wardrobe.

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From Navy service to civilian life..part 1

Leon Scott served in the Navy and is now a transition coach

Leon Scott’s journey from navy “polliwog’ to professional career coach was not known to me when I first heard him clearly boom his message across a crowded room. Then I saw him.

He stood out, even in a room of weekly business breakfast networkers. We were all gathered to share the allotted 20 second introductions to our service or product and request for appropriate referrals from others in the room. [Read more…]