James and the job-notes on Cpt. Caggy’s return Part 2 of 2

Through Jonathan Raab’s interview, part 1, we were there when James Caggy landed and lined up at Syracuse. He stood with his battle buddies and others anxious to officially end their deployment in Afghanistan.

We met his girlfriend who was there for him, just as she had been at his return from his previous deployment and in the years of service before and after. Caggy let us come along on an important home visit. And then we were back to his New York apartment where he left us with this thought:

“I was kind of debating what the hell I was going to do over the next three months – if I was gonna sit on my ass, or try and find a job,” he said.

So, now on to find out from James Caggy, via Jonathan Raab:

  • what he decided to do
  • how this transition was different
  • the challenge of his choice
  • should he stay or should he go, back to the army?
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