Captain Caggy comes home …part 1 of 2

Jonathan Raab

Jonathan Raab

Writer Jonathan Raab’s interview with Captain James Caggy on his experience of returning home after his 2nd of two deployments overseas follows. This excerpt is presented in two parts.

  •  His first steps out of the taped “corrals’ that sectioned off army turf and civilian space
  • Next steps in which his new work, family and life reality is fully understood    Now……  to the two veterans’ own words……

On a windy, cold Christmas Eve, Army Captain James Caggy, commander of Alpha Company, waited with his fellow soldiers inside the Syracuse armory for the Army to release them after a year-long deployment.

He stood with bags stuffed full with gear, clothing, and what few personal items he still had with him. All around him were his fellow soldiers, tired from a full day of flying. [Read more…]