A book & a birthday support healthy lives at Valhalla

Warrior Police, the book by Gordon Cucullu

Cucullu’s 3rd book’s proceeds earmarked for Valhalla

WoW notes Words on Wednesdays of military supporter, Chris Fontana who co-wrote the book Warrior Police with Lt. Col (Ret.) Gordon Cucullu. Proceeds from the book were earmarked for The Valhalla Project and now Chris is hoping you’ll join in celebrating the start of her upcoming half century and contribute to Valhalla directly.

She is marking her 50th birthday very publicly via a Crowdrise campaign. The idea is to have the letters, cards, gifts and even good-hearted teasing that come with this birthday, delivered as funds to improve conditions for both the warrior and the critter participants of The Valhalla Project. [Read more…]


How to get to Valhalla? Apply Part 2 of 2

How to find your way to Valhalla?  An earthly and modern version of the paradise for warriors, the Valhalla Project is a haven for veterans to gather. They may, as tradition holds, regale each other with their stories, or not. They can, however, come to be occupied in productive pursuits in nature and to restore their spirits and bodies, for a little while in their healing and transition time. And, in the company of others who understand. 

Gordon Cucullu is co founder of the Valhalla Project

Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gordon Cucullu, Valhalla Project Co-founder

Inside information is shared here! Part II gives the step-by-step process for a qualified Soldier who might wish to spend some time in Valhalla to apply.

The insider? Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gordon Cucullu, who with his life and project partner, Chris Fontana, founded the Valhalla Project. They are also co-authors of the book Warrior Police, whose proceeds are tagged entirely to support the operation of this incredibly healthy project. Now.. In their own words…..

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Healing our heroes at the Valhalla Project part 1

Gordon Cucullu is co founder of the Valhalla Project

MilSuccessNet Guest Contributor
Gordon Cucullu

Transition takes on a new face and unexpected pace with the Valhalla Project. Guest contributor Lt. Col. (Ret.) Cucullu writes about the concept first voiced by his wife, Chris Fontana. The co-founders created this project to help  active duty service members, veterans, National Guard and Reserve forces as well as some specially selected civilian war zone workers in healthy transitions. 

Participants are active in nature, community projects to maintain the unique setting and pick up skills while enjoying a respite from the individual challenges of their lives.

Genesis of the Valhalla Project

In summer of 2010, my wife and I were homeless. Not in the sense of
sleeping under the overpass in a Kenmore large appliance box, but we really didn’t have a home per se any longer. [Read more…]


Where in the world is Lt. Col.(Ret)Gordon Cucullu?

In this post we interweave the topics of:
  • Valhalla Project
  • Gordon Cucullu’s special day, book and project
  •  Military Police regiment’s 71st celebration

At last contact, he is doing a world of good, along with his writing and life partner, Chris Fontana at Valhalla, in Yellville, Arkansas.

Photo of Gordon Cucullu author of Warrior Police

Gordon Cucullu, Image credit bookperk.com

Retired Army Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu was in the Special Forces and saw combat in Vietnam and El Salvador. Now this Green Beret is seeing action as an author, columnist, and speaker, much of it in support of the Valhalla Project.

He’ll be reporting in soon with an official update to Military Success Network on what’s happening at Valhalla. It’s designed as a working and recreational retreat for post-9/11 combat soldiers and war zone civilian workers. Transition from military to civilian life is uniquely supportive at Valhalla. [Read more…]