Tips and refreshers on writing by Jocelyn Green

Service members and spouses recently got quick and quality tips here at MilSuccessNet from author, Jocelyn Green on transition.

Jocelyn Green stands up for writers tips on publishing

Jocelyn Green

Now, if you are an aspiring author, or write for your own purposes in the meanwhile, here’s a post from Jocelyn Green’s own website, shared by permission. Advice for the new and experienced writer who can use a refresher on writing and getting published, in her own words…

Read a lot. Read a wide variety, and take notice of what makes writing good in both fiction and nonfiction.

Go to as many writers conferences as you can afford to go to. You will learn a lot, be motivated and inspired, and make valuable networking connections. I met my agent because I went to a workshop he was giving. I landed my first book contract because the acquisitions editor met with me during a writers conference.

Learn the craft. If you’re interested in freelance writing (journalism and other types) see the bottom of this page for selected books on how to be a pro. If you want to break into fiction, see my list of my own personal favorites I used when making the switch from journalist to novelist.

Write now. Whatever you can write, do it, whether that’s for an online niche magazine, your local newspaper, a nonprofit organization or anything else. Just keep writing, and keep getting better at it. Consider joining a local or online writers critique group.

Build your platform now. If you are serious about getting published but your name isn‘t currently widely-known, start building your following now so a potential publisher will see that you have a built-in audience. A great book on this is Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz. It’s a must-read. For a nutshell perspective on this, read what Thomas Nelson Publishers chairman Michael Hyatt’s blog post, “5 Steps to Building Your Platform When You Hate Selling Yourself.”

Get an agent. Most publishers won’t even look at a manuscript unless it’s represented by a literary agent. Where can you find an agent? Most reputable writers conferences can help you find one, or even meet one in person right there.

If you are working on (or thinking about) spearheading a collaborative project, these tips will make life easier for you.

From Helena K: That should get you started! Even after 30 years as a writer and the last decade as an editor, I still find a REFRESH helpful – both the tips and the live contact with other writers, in all their phases.

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Jocelyn Green on Writing on MilSuccessNet

Jocelyn Green on Writing on MilSuccessNet

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