Revisit notes success: Trio of transitions for army veteran, McKendree R. Long III

On this WoW, Words on Wednesdays at year end, we revisit and record new success in Mike Long’s story of transition from military member, to money manager to award winning writer.

Below you’ll find a revisit of Mike Long’s progress since we first published the rest of this post on September 25, 2013. Kudos and congratulations to Mike.

The Military Writers Society of American (MWSA) bestowed the 2013 Gold Medal, Historical Fiction on Long’s book: Dog Soldier Moon.

Recently accepted for publication is: Unfinished Business, for Cactus Country IV Anthology, Resurrection in Broken Promises Anthology and Choteau’s Crossing in Rough Country Anthology. And, his No Good Liked It Is just went live as an audiobook on, iTunes, and Amazon.

On December 15-16, he’ll be signing books at the Mike Kent Gun Show,SC State Fairgrounds.

It’s inspiring to follow Mike Long’s progress in his 3rd career. Enjoy this MilSuccessNet REVISIT….. [Read more…]


Money Mondays goes smart seasonal shopping

 “Money Mondays” a new MilSuccessNet column, appeared here and immediately snagged attention and comments on LinkedIn, the business ‘social’ networking site.

Conversation in the town square I called on my friend and colleague, Alexei Schwartzman to help me plan this series on money for you well.  His specialized expertise in the financial industry will factor in future posts. For now, I’ll share his answer to my opening question: What is the best sequence for our community of readers to receive immediately applicable tips and solutions on their smart money moves?

“Your readers should become familiar with three key areas: Investment, Insurance and Taxes,” is what he said. 

I got instantly tired.

You and I KNOW this trio of ‘should know abouts.’ However, fatigue sets in fast as we try to stretch our finances over what seems like massive planning concepts. Alexei, must have recognized the look on my face based on the overwhelm he no doubt guides clients through in his practice. This is what I gleaned from our conversation and his explanations in gentle, human terms. [Read more…]


Pearl Harbor and the Greatest Generation remembered

Military Success Network marks the 72nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor alongside the living memorials to that day.

The veterans who survived and their stories now inform today’s great generation. Below is the basic story and then just two of the opportunities to consider the future based on the lessons glimpsed in the art and video links offered below.

December 7, 1941 was the day of the surprise attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor and catapulted America into war.

USS Shaw Explodes at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7 1941

USS Shaw Explodes at Pearl Harbor

In “Operation Hawaii” the Japanese struck a major tactical victory in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Their action was planned to prevent the U.S. Pacific Fleet from interfering with military actions the Empire of Japan intended to carry out in Southeast Asia against the overseas territories of the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. [Read more…]


Making a tax planning list, checking it twice

“Money Mondays” is officially a new MilSuccessNet feature, but  money is on all our minds a lot, isn’t it? Especially at this time of year.

Now’s a good time to give it attention so that you can take advantage NOW of programs and deductions to benefit you from your past year. Plus, you can plan better for your upcoming year.

MoneyIt may look like we are starting heavy, but year-end is going to slam us hard, real soon.. so..  enjoy your Thanksgiving gatherings and then make time over the holidays to collect yourself , and your papers and get on it! Times’s a tickin;.

In future Money Mondays, we’ll feature  tips from independents and authors and financial folks to give you ideas and information. Some bits will be technical and other bytes may be spooned out – firm but friendly, like friends over coffee.

We’re in this, together and the holiday season is a good time to start. We’re spending time and funds that brings us and our families both joy and stress. So now…our first financial writer,  Rick Rodgers, in his own words… [Read more…]


Words-on-Wednedsays notes on Bob Beverley

On this Words on Wednesdays, WoW is following up on guest writer, Bob Beverley’s recent post in What follows are a few questions he answered during our conversation about his books and his personal mission.

Bob Beverley

Bob Beverley

When Nate, Marius and I met Bob Beverley, we were not yet a team and MilSuccessNet was not yet our mission. In a sense, however, he did bring us together at a communications boot camp we had come to separately from three different cities. His opening remarks to the 40 or so in attendance were so human and warm, that our minds and hearts were opened to the information and to the connections we were to make over the next four days.

We again, independently, chose to read his weekly ezine, The Dig, and most recently posed a few questions of Bob, some of which we share here: [Read more…]


Kelly Kennedy’s: They Fought for Each Other, is a testament to bonds of brothers in arms

Journalist and former soldier, Kelly Kennedy is the author of  They Fought for Each Other, the Triumph and Tragedy of the Hardest Hit Unit in Iraq.  The MilSuccessNet team had the privilege of hearing Kennedy speak a year ago in Denver at Sangria Summit, a military writers’ conference.

She took us all from the podium into the heart of her experience of the men whose lives are illuminated in this exceptional coverage of the unit who paid the heavy human cost of war. She was as honest about the situation that created those incredibly dark days and trauma as she was both loyal and protective of the warriors who got through their ordeals by virtue of their mutual caring for each other.

Kelly Kennedy, journalist and veteran

Kelly Kennedy, journalist and veteran

WoW features Kennedy’s book on this Words on Wednesdays to acknowledge the bonds of service members. Nations stood in honor of Veterans just a few days ago, so it feels right to note that what gets our nations’ warriors through is their caring for and protection of each other, day-to-day. [Read more…]


American Legion calls for service to Veterans

D.M. Dellinger, National Commander, American Legion

Daniel M. Dellinger, National Commander, American Legion

On this Veterans Day, 2013, shares with direct permisson, this message from………..Daniel M. Dellinger, who is national commander of the 2.4 million-member American Legion… his own words…..


Let’s Serve Veterans as Well as They Have Served Us
By Daniel M. Dellinger
During the recent government shutdown many numbers were thrown around. But there is one number that stands out and it has nothing to do with the debate over the federal budget. [Read more…]

A book & a birthday support healthy lives at Valhalla

Warrior Police, the book by Gordon Cucullu

Cucullu’s 3rd book’s proceeds earmarked for Valhalla

WoW notes Words on Wednesdays of military supporter, Chris Fontana who co-wrote the book Warrior Police with Lt. Col (Ret.) Gordon Cucullu. Proceeds from the book were earmarked for The Valhalla Project and now Chris is hoping you’ll join in celebrating the start of her upcoming half century and contribute to Valhalla directly.

She is marking her 50th birthday very publicly via a Crowdrise campaign. The idea is to have the letters, cards, gifts and even good-hearted teasing that come with this birthday, delivered as funds to improve conditions for both the warrior and the critter participants of The Valhalla Project. [Read more…]


Still Having Fun documents military family life

Day by day the resilience of American military families is tested. Their triumphs and tears are rarely captured and chronicled. Their stories certainly are still few relative to their numbers across the land and their vast contribution as supports to service members, and to the fabric of society. We are most likely to hear of their challenges and regrettably, the tragedies they experience.

Candace George Thompson

Candace George Thompson

Author, Candace George Thompson’s glimpse into the intimate life of one family is, therefore, a rarity and a delight. She is the daughter of a career Air Force Officer whose first mission was on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Her book, Still Having Fun, a Portrait of the Military Marriage of Rex and Bettie George, 1941–2007  is today’s Words on Wednesdays (WoW) selection. It adds joy and love to the narrative of military family life, as most of us might imagine it to be.

In today’s Words on Wednesday:

  • Still Having Fun.. the award winning book
  • Author Candace George Thompson transitions
  • Life lessons shared

Excerpts from a recent interview with Military Success Network comprise today’s WoW post:   [Read more…]


Emily Carr closes to honor resilience and reconciliation process in Canada

It’s not generally expected that the topic of resilience and the discussion of trauma will shut down an entire organization. Yet, in Vancouver on September 20, 2013 one school – The Emily Carr University of Art & Design will – do exactly that.

This post is about:

* Canadians now refer to the original peoples of the continent, which you and I grew up calling Indians, and then aboriginals, as 1st Nations. On this part of the continent it is most correct both politically and culturally. 

The institute is closing down to honour its Aboriginal constituents, [Read more…]