An Editorial Milestone & Epiphany

January 6, marked not only Epiphany Day, but also the passage past the half way point of the first year of  Military Success Network. The site is dedicated to bringing to light the stories and resources that support resilient transition from military to civilian life and work.

This significant public day is celebrated in its religious context in specific ways in the USA and in cultures all over the world.

Interestingly, the secular meaning of epiphany, also marks the movement from one state of knowing and experience to another. It involves light, search and hopefully, celebration in what is found.

It denotes the power of change. [Read more…]


Military wives mark Veterans Day with free gift of their novels

Military Success Network continues with posts marking Veterans Day with this special tribute offer by three former military wives and novelists. Please share- we will all grow as we Hear, Understand and Acknowledge – our H.U.A. mission on Military Success Network. This triad of women writers has joined forces to honor Veterans Day by each sharing their books for FREE. The books are available on Amazon for one day only on Sunday, November 11,  2012, in Kindle format (see links below to download a free app to read it on your computer)

Links to each of these novels and the free ebook download are available on this author’s page.  The titles are:

The Final Salute, a novel featured on Military Success NetworkTHE FINAL SALUTE by Kathleen M. Rodgers  takes place among Air Force families during the 1991 Gulf War.  Rodgers was an Air Force spouse for 12 years and is now a military mom of a son in the Army. [Read more…]


Veterans repurpose skills and reintegrate with Team Rubicon

In this week of Veterans Day in the U.S.A. and Remembrance Day in Canada, MilSuccessNet will post daily to illuminate Veterans’ living contributions and to remember those whose light was extinguished far too early in their service to our society.  

“This generation of Veterans has the opportunity to step up, if they are given the chance,” says Jake Wood, co-founder and president of Team Rubicon, a disaster relief nonprofit known for its extraordinary efforts during the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Jake Wood, co-founder and president of Team Rubicon

Jake Wood, co-founder and president of Team Rubicon

Wood served for four years in the United States Marine Corps. He deployed in 2007 to Iraq as a fire team leader and in 2008 to Afghanistan as a Scout Sniper.

On his return to the U.S. he became an outspoken advocate for veterans’ rights. In 2010, his voice joined that of  former Marine William McNulty. Together, they founded Team Rubicon in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti. [Read more…]


Home from the Iraq Odyssey part 3 of 3

Transition is the thread that binds the last portion of Phil Nerges’s Iraq odyssey to his book, Iraq Journal–Sketches from the Contracting Life. He had made it out alive to recreate his life back home. Nerges saw no literature about the contractors and their families to aid in his own transition after his final return stateside. Within 3 years he had compiled a book to reflect their stories.

In the fall of 2011, Helena Kaufman interviewed Phil Nerges about his mission to share the life of contractors working alongside the military in Iraq. The first posts were published just before we heard President Obama’s announcement of the end of war in Iraq.

The book is based on emails home, in fast and frightening times. Nerges used his love of language and photographer’s eye to capture sights, sounds and memories made while he sorted his life and then began the transition home.

“More than military men and women are coming back,” says Nerges. Transition is the upcoming experience for tens of thousands of military personnel returning from America’s longest wars. [Read more…]


Where in the world is Lt. Col.(Ret)Gordon Cucullu?

In this post we interweave the topics of:
  • Valhalla Project
  • Gordon Cucullu’s special day, book and project
  •  Military Police regiment’s 71st celebration

At last contact, he is doing a world of good, along with his writing and life partner, Chris Fontana at Valhalla, in Yellville, Arkansas.

Photo of Gordon Cucullu author of Warrior Police

Gordon Cucullu, Image credit bookperk.com

Retired Army Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu was in the Special Forces and saw combat in Vietnam and El Salvador. Now this Green Beret is seeing action as an author, columnist, and speaker, much of it in support of the Valhalla Project.

He’ll be reporting in soon with an official update to Military Success Network on what’s happening at Valhalla. It’s designed as a working and recreational retreat for post-9/11 combat soldiers and war zone civilian workers. Transition from military to civilian life is uniquely supportive at Valhalla. [Read more…]


Working at ground level with the military in Iraq

Phil Nerges, contractor with the U.S. Army, imaginatively captured the alien landscape of Iraq and kept notes of its impact. Since his return he has published Iraq Journal – Sketches from the Contracting Life. Now in its second and expanded edition with 8 additional chapters and numerous blog posts, the effects and memories of his original experience evolve along with him.

Today, we revisit those first experiences working alongside America’s troops, on the ground and in Iraq.  This series of 3 articles appears with profiles of military members interviewed by Helena Kaufman on her site and first appeared on Lanterloon.com in November 2011. [Read more…]


Hard work and haberdasher create success

Uniforms lend a certain ease and image to students at the start of the new school season. Much like military uniforms, they eliminate the need for a supply of daily clothing and the time to choose and coordinate them.

“We like them, mom,” declared my kids after their first day at a middle school with mandatory uniforms. “Everyone is equal.” I was grateful for the reduction in at least one element of morning chaos and welcomed the break to the household budget.

Uniforms, however, have another big benefit. They credit the wearer with an instant image of success, of professional standing. [Read more…]


From PTSD to daily life details Part 3

Teresa Grace’s story begins in earnest the recounting of the experiences of military men and women transforming their service in the armed forces into civilian life. Military Success Network (MilSuccessNet) profiles present people in transition. The generosity in sharing their experiences in guest blog posts and interviews, allow us all to learn from their challenges and to be inspired by their successes. We’ll also explore the personal and public resources that support their process.  

Teresa Grace now resides at Fort Hood, Texas as an Army wife and mother. Photo provided

Today’s 3rd (and longest) of the 4 posts is based on interviews with Teresa Grace (nee Broadwell) and Helena Kaufman in January of 2012. It covers:

  * army life
  * PTS defined and lived
  * friends lost and new strength found
  * reintegration experience and advice

Life as Teresa Grace knew it radically changed when she enlisted in the Army. She chose this path not long after graduating high school in Lewisville, Texas, instead of the modern-dance scholarship offered her to the University of North Texas.

[Read more…]


Military Field to Family Home Transition (part 2)

“I give mad credit to women in the military who are mothers,” said Teresa Grace.

As our interview continued, Grace reflected on the fine balance that must be maintained to fulfill military duties and the daily details of family life.” [Read more…]


Combat Role to Suddenly Civilian (part 1)

I had the privilege of talking with Teresa Broadwell Grace, a former member of the Army’s 194th Military Police Company who, in 2003 was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star with “V” for Valor in Iraq.

A female American soldier mans a machine gun on a vehicle during clashes in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul in June 2003. The war in Iraq, which has killed or wounded more U.S. women in combat than any other conflict, has redefined their role in the military and triggered a rethink of their place on the front line. Women who serve in the Army are barred from engaging in combat under rules drawn up by the Pentagon. But the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, where fighting an insurgency and no front line exists as such, have been proving grounds for the women soldiers. Photo credit: U.S. Department of Defense”

Combat, an outstanding story of survival, management of post traumatic stress and an unexpected transition back into the civilian world are part of Teresa Grace’s story. All this as she began her third decade of life. [Read more…]