June 9: Friends, Georgians, lend this an ear

James Edward Oglethorpe (1696-1785)

On June 9 1732 a British philanthropist received a royal charter to establish the colony of Georgia. James Edward Oglethorpe intended to settle the new land with English debtors from the overcrowded London prisons.

In the end it was the Scots who made up the bulk of the settlers. Oglethorpe, however, made the land available to many persecuted groups. [Read more…]


June 7: History Straight Up with A Karmic Twist

U.S. Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless dive bombers from the USS Hornet mid attack on the burning Japanese cruiser MikumaVeni, Vidi, Ouch: A fitting motto for Japanese Navy after the Battle of Midway. The Japanese tried to eliminate the American naval threat with another surprise attack. Their plan backfired. On June 7 the Japanese withdrew after heavy losses. It was the turning point of the WWII in Pacific.


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June 6: Hot Trivia Heads Up

Serious topics of  military interest served up with a light touch

In The Swim:

On the set of The Longest Day, the extras refused initially to jump from the Landing Craft Personnel boats. Their reason: the water was too cold. Luckily, Robert Mitchum led by example and the extras followed him. [Read more…]


Military Success Network Recognizes and Reports on Transitions

The “Military Success Network” presents the many faces of the American military. Through writing for and by the men and women of the armed forces, the site addresses what is involved in the transition experience of returning veterans.

It serves not only as a forum but also as a resource and constructive news and networking hub. The aim is to positively support armed forces veterans, their families, colleagues and employers. Upcoming posts will share the issues, programs and services related to veterans as well as personal stories of individual transformations and adaptations of military experiences to civilian life.

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