Honor Flight Movie night connects military vets, community in Colorado

Recently, one of the Military Success Network team has taken on what he feels is a privileged opportunity. He chooses to rise even earlier now on some Saturdays and to join about 70 or so veterans for breakfast. On each occasion he shares in the company and stories of veterans in America.

They comprise men and women of the American military period since WW2. They gather every week in Loveland, Colorado.

Honor Flight Poster

Honor Flight Poster

Last week he brought a flier along with him. It was about the movie Honor Flight set for special screening at the CSU, Colorado State University. The Honor Flight movie shares the stories of some of the heroes who have been impacted by the program which brings together veterans to spend time with their brothers and sisters in arms. More follows on the movie, the destination and the special event in Colorado that connected generations on a snowy night at the movies this week. [Read more…]


Site co-founders’ book blends service, heritage and legacy in Hidden Wounds: A Soldier’s Burden

Lessons in the marketplace were the unanticipated deliverables in the boxes of their own books. They arrived fresh off the presses onto the door steps of co-authors, Marius Tecoanta and Nate Brookshire.

Hidden-Wounds-A-Soldiers-Burden_ThumbnailWoW – Words on Wednesdays will ultimately visit the PROCESS of publishing – the battles waged to get military writers’ words to their audiences successfully. Today, we’ll continue with the CREATIVE process, in our coverage of Military writers, cartoonists, essayists, authors and bloggers…

Your nominations for future posts are welcome!

Now, it’s (this) editor’s choice. Getting this book out is what brought the three of us, Helena, Marius and Nate together-to tell a story of two families. Our growth as a team and understanding of the scope of the subject grew into a new mission.

We knew we wanted to create more  space for the critical stories of our time, told by and for others. Stories of  transformation and of resilience lived by military members in transition back to their civilian life, possibly new work and studies and to their family life. [Read more…]


Col. Ted Spain shares his motivation to write “Breaking Iraq”

Breaking Iraq the book is depictedIn the weeks prior to the launch of Breaking Iraq, MilSuccessNet entered into conversations with its co-author, Ted Spain, Retired Colonel,  US Army. Our ongoing exchanges dealt with transition from military life and finding perspective on what happened in the decade covered by the book. The book launched on the 19th day of March, the 10th anniversary of the war in Iraq.

Today’s Wow-Words on Wednesdays, features:

  • How he came to write the book Breaking Iraq
  • Why it couldn’t have been written before
  • Quest for leadership and ethics

Col. Spain responded to our question: How did you come to write the book. [Read more…]


10 reasons revealed for failure in Col. (Ret) Spain’s book: Breaking Iraq

In his book, Breaking Iraq – The Ten Mistakes That Broke Iraq, Colonel (Ret) Ted Spain writes it like it is. The book’s release on March 19 coincides with the 10th anniversary of the war in Iraq.

Col. (Ret.) Ted Spain

Col. (Ret.) Ted Spain

The top 10 reasons America ‘broke Iraq’ are expanded in the book substantially, including the personal involvement of its co-author. 

This listing by Colonel (Ret) Ted Spain for Military Success Network readers as a strong summary of its content.

Advance reviewer comment: “Breaking Iraq is essential material for everyone. If you haven’t read it, you must. And if you’ve read it already…read it again.” Colonel Jack Jacobs (Ret), Medal of Honor Recipient, and author of “If Not Now, When?”

The book’s foreword is written by Tom Ricks.

Transitions come and impact, people, campaigns, entire countries and the their future outcomes…Below, an excerpt from the interview with MilSuccessNet and Colonel Spain and his summary.. in his own words…..
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Tips and refreshers on writing by Jocelyn Green

Service members and spouses recently got quick and quality tips here at MilSuccessNet from author, Jocelyn Green on transition.

Jocelyn Green stands up for writers tips on publishing

Jocelyn Green

Now, if you are an aspiring author, or write for your own purposes in the meanwhile, here’s a post from Jocelyn Green’s own website, shared by permission. Advice for the new and experienced writer who can use a refresher on writing and getting published, in her own words… [Read more…]


Mil-Writer inspired by law enforcement work and faith

Trent Ruble (photo provided)

Trent Ruble (photo provided)

Trent Allen Ruble was born in Indiana in 1961. He’s a veteran of the United States Air Force where he traveled extensively as an aircraft loadmaster. He’s now a retired police detective working as a police officer at Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW).

He has shared his  story in a recent post on Military Success Network and here he lets us peek a bit into his process.      
WoW- Words on Wednesday, welcomes Trent Ruble, a relatively recent, but highly motivated writer and published author. 
Mystery novel, 2006

Mystery novel, 2006

His two novels are; “Harrison Davis, Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” and “Gunar Hamilton, Vigilante on the Lam.” 

He also writes weekly articles in his blog; “A Hoosier Perspective.” Ruble is a member of the Military Writers Society of America and is active in supporting fellow MilWriters.
“Harrison Davis,” is a mystery centered on a police detective in a small town. The second, “Gunar Hamilton,” is a sequel but is more of an adventure than a mystery. 
We catch him mid conversation with Helena Kaufman about how he got started and what motivates him to write, after his full time job, after time with wife, children and several grandchildren. Now, 
…..In his own words… [Read more…]

Redeployed review by Greg Drobny of Ranger Up

Introducing, guest reviewer, Greg Drobny who posts and writes reviews ’round the net’ under the name:  Mr. Twisted. He is a writer for Ranger Up and Rhino Den. His concerns revolve around giving a public voice to Veterans who’ve returned from combat and are suffering–either mentally or physically or both. PTSD has many tentacles,  including a high rate of suicide among returning military veterans. These daily deaths are just one reminder of the challenges of re-integration and transition that face warriors returning to every day civilian lives, families and jobs.   

Greg Drobny in thought 1“Mr. Twisted” counts these at the top of the list that he feels need the military community and general public’s attention.

From my own civilian point of view, I see “warriors” coming back with all manner of skills. Most, my peers and I might never think to master. Nor would we consider ourselves capable of performing at such a physically fit level. We could not even claim control by virtue of the discipline instilled along with determination in our nations’ warriors.

Some of these are awesome powers and we wonder, us non-hero accredited folks, how does it feel to come home with that kind of mindset and bodily energy to a civilian, smaller and limited playing field?

The book, Redeployed, has been embraced by Greg and his colleagues, because it reflects their and other warriors’ experiences. Speaking as a civilian, looking into the ‘ring’ of sport and competition that some veterans enter, we see a memory bank of intensive muscle and mind training. We wonder how they will channel all that energy and experience from the battle ground into the mixed match set up of every day life. We hope that they are equipped and know ‘what to do with themselves’ in such ordinary, yet challenging circumstances.  (HK for MilSuccessNet)

The MilSuccessNet team met Greg Drobny on a rare occasion – in that its unusual for all three of us to be in the same country, same city and in this case, one Writers’ Conference. The event, Sangria Summit , held in Denver, Colorado was designed for aspiring and experienced Mil Writers. Others will be featured in coming posts. (SUBSCRIBE NOW and be alerted to your battle buddy’s debut)

Now to Mr. Twisted’s review of “Redeployed”, in his own words….. [Read more…]


Siren’s Song book review by Nate Brookshire

A post on the process of a warrior writer was shared by newly published author, Antonio Salinas, in his own words recently on Military Success Network.  With WoW- Words on Wednesday we continue to present reviews of books and other materials produced by military writers and often reviewed by current, separated or retired military members. 

Nate_Brookshire and Marius_Tecoanta

Nate Brookshire (L), co-author of Hidden Wounds: A Soldier’s Burden shares his review today of Siren’s Song: The Allure of War.   (Deeds Publishing, 412 pages)

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Fire and Forget book review by Jonathan Raab

“Searing stories… a necessary collection, necessary to write, necessary to read.”  E.L. Doctorow wrote these words about FIRE AND FORGET (Da Capo Press, launching on Amazon, February 2013).

We feel the same about the stories and the passion to share them on Military Success Network.  Now, we’ll read how Jonathan Raab,  writer, teacher and Afghanistan veteran feels about this book in today’s  WoW – Words on Wednesdays[Read more…]


Review: In the Shadow of a Mountain by Sue Daigneault

In the Shadow of a Mountain [Kindle Edition]

Susan Dahlgren Daigneault (Author)

Available at Amazon
Dahlgren_Banner 2Susan Dahlgren Daigneault, author of “In the Shadow of a Mountain” gives us an invitation into the family of Medal of Honor recipient Edward C. Dahlgren. This is a deeply personal account of the life of a true hero. It has many layers and gives the reader insight into the character of a man who epitomized selfless service, humility, integrity and honor. [Read more…]